Friday, May 31, 2013

A little update on SSF!

Well you know you've failed at blogging when you haven't even looked at Blogspot in three months, let alone post in six!

As some of you remember, I posted a mixture of Writing YA (Young Adult) tips and pop culture nonsense back in the ol' days. Since then I got a huge bout of "senioritis" and sort of gave up.

But never fear! For not only has SOME SCREAMING FANGIRL graduated high school, been accepted to the college of her dreams, and actually caught on sleep, but she has a PHONE now! Mobile blogging is the way of the future.

(Sarcastic audience member: Poor spellcheck is also the future then).

So my writer and pop culture friends, how have you been? What lovely life accomplishments have you, well, accomplished?

And more importantly...what new music are you listening to? Because I need some recommendations. Oh yes.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Great Things to Do Today (Instead of Die)

Congratulations. You have made it to the apocalypse. Right now you are either a) hiding in a bomb shelter with gas masks and gross food or B) on the internet, looking at blogs. I’m going to guess it’s the second.

So, how can you have fun during the END OF THE WORLD? Well, SSF has your answers.

1. Thank your Maker. Your God/higher being/Tom Cruise/mother/werewolf pack that raised you. Thank them! Really! You should be thankful for every day.

2. Listen to happy, corny, sickeningly cheery pop songs. It'll be something to keep you cheerful. Today is going to be tense, whether you think there's any credibility in the Mayan calendar or not.

3. Run into the streets with a sword (preferably fake) screaming, “I did it! I KILLED GANON AND SAVED HYRULE!” See how it long it takes for your local news station to show up.

4. No sword? Simply mix up some red kool-aid and run into the streets screaming, “It’s begun!”, “Run for your lives!”, “Where’s the spaceship!”, “You’re next!”, or whatever crazy nonsense you can come up with. See how long it takes until your local news station shows up.

5. Listen to your end-of-the-world playlist. (See this post) Especially listen to R.E.M’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”.

6. Keep track of how many views R.E.M gets today (and don’t be surprised if it surpasses Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. Actually, it probably won’t. Nobody can defeat Psy).

7. Now that we're talking about "Gangnam Style". What better way to celebrate life than by watching the now-most-watched-Youtube-video-of-all-time?

8. Ignore all the Christmas movies on TV and watch 2012. Start thinking about how to convince your grandchildren how you survived this.

(Okay that might take some convincing)

9. Do legitimate research on Mayan culture. I’m sure they weren’t ALL such bad guys.

10. Get some friends together and start plotting up the next doomsday. Choose a date, come up with a creepy but possibly true theory, and decide what catastrophes will occur (internet shuts down? Nuclear bombs explode? Justin Bieber is cloned?) Now choose an internet board and get it out there!

11. Sleep. Seriously. Just sleep through the whole day and wake up on the 22nd. It’ll be nice.

What are your plans for today, December 21st, 2012? Will you live it up or go on as normal?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Songs I Will Listen To. Ever.

Okay, so that end-of-the-world thing or whatever is happening this Friday. No biggie, right? Well, whether you’ve been prepared for Doomsday since YTK or you’re like me, just trying to get through school finals, why not take a week to…live it up? To celebrate the end of time?

(Note: SSF does not believe in the apocalypse, or at least not the one slated for this Friday. She does, however, await the day when either a) God steps in and stuff or b) WHEN THE SLOTHS RISES FROM THE SEWERS AND THE BLOODTHIRST BEGINS! Yes. You read that sentence right).

 So, let’s pretend this was your last week on Earth. What songs would you listen to? As in, THE LAST SONGS YOU WILL EVER HEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, MAN!
I’m curious and bored and should probably be reviewing for finals so…LET’S DO A TOP TEN LIST YEAH! SSF’s Last Songs She Will Listen To. Ever.

 1. My Chemical Romance - Kids From Yesterday

This band had once said it wants to be the band still dancing when the bombs go off. So they’re definitely a band you want playing at the End of Days. For now, I choose “Kids From Yesterday” because it’s a nice, calming, and emotionally charged rock track. If I was in charge of making a slideshow to conclude the End of Days, I would put this song in the background.

2. Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

Between you, me, and the spirit of John Lennon, this is my favorite Beatles track. There’s something about how it was mixed and the mysterious lyrics that make it timeless. And it does have a nice, end-of-the-world theme - “Play the game, existence till the end of the beginning”.

3. Prince - Let’s Go Crazy

(Note: Couldn't play the original "Let's Go Crazy" because Youtube and Prince hate each other. But Incubu's cover of it is pretty boss.)

Oh come on. You know that the End of the World is a time to live it up. Let’s all remember that we have to go nuts. And hey, at least you got friends!

4. Kansas - Dust in the Wind

After partying it up with Prince, I feel like I’d deserve a moment of quiet reflection. A moment to walk around and think about stuff. And what better way to do that than with “Dust in the Wind”? It’s only for a moment…then the moment’s gone.

5. REM - It’s End of the World as We Know It

The most appropriate song for this week, of course. What better way to complete the End of Days than with REM’s most famous song? And even if (well, when) the world doesn’t end this Friday, we should still listen to REM. First it starts with an earthquake know the rest. And if that isn’t enough reason to end your life with REM, then did you know that the last album Kurt Cobain listened to was REM? That’s right. I just blew your mind.

So. What songs are you going to listen to at the end of the world?

Later (unless a meteor falls from the sky and kills us all or the Mayans did their math wrong and the world ends tonight or sloths do rise from the sewers and THE BLOODBATH DOES BEGIN!)

Haha. Later.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Erase. Now Replay. (Song Stuck in My Head)

This week's SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD..."Erase/Rewind" by the Cardigans.

Genre: According to Wikipedia, alternative rock/indie pop, though it's a lot lighter/soft than that. ("It's true, I saw it on the Wikipedia" - quote from Jennifer's Body) 

Why It's Stuck on My Head: After going through the hard drive from my old (and now long-gone) laptop I had as a tween, I rediscovered this (and about a hundred embarrassing photos of emo boys and various My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco fanfiction). Actually the way I originally discovered was thanks to a (poorly made) fan video on Youtube for MyChem. Oh, the Fangirl as a Preteen.

Why. It. ROCKS: Well, it more rolls than rocks, persay, but that's not the point. This song is the pure definition of smooth. Very prickly guitar notes, very angelic voice, and drums and bass that sound like they came straight off a little kid's first keyboard. Somehow it all fits and becomes this ridiculously catchy tune that makes you want to dance Luna-Lovegood style.

Fun Fact: The Cardigans had a song, "Lovefool", on the soundtrack for William Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet. Because that's the kind of music they listened to in that time. Obviously.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Imagining Dragons (Not Unicorns. Not Fairies. Dragons).

It's time for SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD, the (really brand new) song posts that will now happen every Monday. Maybe.

Song stuck in my head today... Lots of Imagine Dragons. Nothing in particular.

Genre: Alt. Rock/Acoustic/Rock Pop (also what I call Dyna-Pop).

Why It's Stuck in My Head: So I'm the anti-hipster. Sorta. Instead of trying to get into "cool" stuff before they are popular, I'm lazy and take forever to be a fan of something even after it has already been established as "legit". In this case, it's Imagine Dragons.

Why. It. ROCKS: Shiny and new to the alt. rock/pop scene, Imagine Dragons may not breathe fire but they have one unique ability. With a snap of their fingers, ID can go from folksy, acoustic guitar-playing and hand-clapping sentimentals (see It's Time) to more techno-esque dramatic rockers ala 30 Seconds to Mars or Muse (see Lost Cause). One good example of this is the song "Radioactive", which begins with that smoothness of a coffee shop jam before it starts droppin' the beat. (And yes. I said "droppin'").

Fun Fact: Commercials love Imagine Dragons. In fact, there's a high chance you've already heard them. They've been in commercials for Windows 8, Assassin's Creed, movie and TV show previews, car and furniture commercials.