Friday, May 31, 2013

A little update on SSF!

Well you know you've failed at blogging when you haven't even looked at Blogspot in three months, let alone post in six!

As some of you remember, I posted a mixture of Writing YA (Young Adult) tips and pop culture nonsense back in the ol' days. Since then I got a huge bout of "senioritis" and sort of gave up.

But never fear! For not only has SOME SCREAMING FANGIRL graduated high school, been accepted to the college of her dreams, and actually caught on sleep, but she has a PHONE now! Mobile blogging is the way of the future.

(Sarcastic audience member: Poor spellcheck is also the future then).

So my writer and pop culture friends, how have you been? What lovely life accomplishments have you, well, accomplished?

And more importantly...what new music are you listening to? Because I need some recommendations. Oh yes.