Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello, Complete and Utter Strangers

First, let us get one thing straight. This blog is in the perspective of - what else? - a fangirl.

No, not quite the passed-out wannabe with braces and posters. I follow Twilight, occasionally, but wish to ax-murder the entire cast of Hannah Montanah. I can quote some Harry Potter from heart, and true, have dressed up as Hermione before, but laugh myself stupid at Justin Bieber songs. I suppose fangirls vary in types?

Sophisticated Fangirl: Someone who likes the music of an alternative band more than the band themselves (though they are indeed fine, as my mother would say) and actually reads the books a franchise is based on. Most SF's occupy themselves with A) sequels and spin-off books, or B) watching and memorizing every move of the guitarist in a music video and analyzing what it has to do with either the song lyrics or just his looks.

Um...Not-So-Sophisticated Fangirl: Someone who cannot name one song title from that uber-sexy but talented band, and might get the books on CD (but why read it when there's a special edition DVD?) Most NSF's spend their time A) at Hot Topic, wasting their precious parents' cash, or B) making new signs for the next live performance of which band or singer they choose.

Relax, my internet audience, I fall in the former category. Us SF's are judged too harshly. So, yeah, we have seen movies JUST because Johnny starred in it, and maybe we have a Robert Pattinson calendar or two...*clears throat*. Well, I'd have to say my goal through this blog is to highlight the minority, and make them shine! Okay, not shine. Gleam, maybe? Ah well.

So how will I do that? By talking about the random things I love, of course! Music, movies, books, attractive males, the usual. If anyone would like to reccommend something, I'll gladly take suggestions. Unless whoever you suggest is awful. Then maybe not.