Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Shows: The Ugly

Quick Update: There is some weird people at public libraries sometimes. Weird, weird people.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Lights" by Ellie Goulding. Another dance song. Judge me.

It's time guys. Hide your remotes. Cover your children's eyes. Disconnect your TV cable. We're at the "ugly" shows for Summer Shows So Far week.

Choice and Take Me Out.
Thursdays at 8/7pm on FOX.

There is nothing I really have to say about these shows other than they’re two dating shows, by Fox, that use B-list celebrities and crude pick-up lines to lower our IQ’s and remind us why we hated dating shows in the first place. And sadly enough, it's been called the best dating show in a long time. Which might be true.

While it is neat to see people like Pauly D or Rob Kardashian play around, it’s also at the price of seeing people choose dates based on appearance and sexual appeal alone. It’s self-esteem genocide. The show "The Choice" also hilariously rips off the "Voice" but that's its most redeeming quality. Which isn't a good thing.

But as Fox decided not to play reruns of wildly popular shows like New Girl and Glee, while devoting two nights to Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, it’s all we get. Congrats.

Breaking Pointe.
Who knows. They change the time a lot and play reruns a lot, but Monday or Thursday on the CW.

So apparently this is a reality show that takes place in a small dancing company. If it wasn’t for its dark and cinematic atmosphere, and the fact that there is already Bunheads, it would be a show more for Lifetime or ABC Family. Cheesy plotlines, no characters to latch onto, the overplayed drama.

However, it has the occasional moment where it comes off as a good reality show with interesting points of view. Occasional.

Well, folks, here we are. We are at the end of our saga. Now you can enjoy (or not enjoy, or just plain avoid) summer shows. Have you seen any of the shows mentioned? Do you maybe have a different opinion? And like I asked before, what are some of the shows on major and cable networks that you consider "good", "okay", "bad", and "uggggly"?

Later! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Shows: The Bad

Quick Update: I've been listening to a lot more electronic dance music...just the pop stuff, but still. It worries me. Anyhow, happy fourth everyone and NEW GIRL MINI-MARATHON TONIGHT!
Woot woot.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Titanium" by David Guetta ft. Sia (SEE!)

Well, we're on day three of the Summer Shows So Far series. And we're almost getting to the rock bottom of the new and returning shows of summer on the major networks. Let's get to the "bad".

Dogs In the City.
Wednesdays 8/7pm on CBS.

I haven’t really watched this show, but it’s just another example of an odd premise. In very Dog-Whisperer fashion, "dog guru" John Silver goes around helping out owners and their pets. There’s not much that’s original about it, except the not-that-funny episode names (this week: "Give Me the Drool") and the setting. And if you can’t guess the setting, read the title again. Got it? Good. Now have a treat, you deserve it.

If you've read the title, then hopefully that’s all you really need to know about the show and you won’t have to waste time watching it. But if you're interested in dogs and want a laid-back show to watch, go right ahead. We won't judge you. Unlike on our second "bad" show....

So You Think You Can Dance
Wednesdays 8/7pm on FOX.

While I haven’t watched much (okay, any) of this season, I’m sure it’s already had a good share of injuries, jokes among the judges, and flexible and beautiful moves we wish we could pull off.

Of course it’s as average as always, but we do have to salute the show for also getting rid of a TV night dedicated to just results show. A painful, ratings-desperate hour of waiting for one single moment is a tradition in talent reality shows that we need to stop. Now.

Thursdays at 8/7pm on ABC.

Okay, as you might have expected, everyone's favorite competition show is as painful and hard to watch as always. While I love the hosts' quick-fire jokes, there's only so many times you can see a guy smash into a punching fist or a girl scream as she falls of a giant, red ball.

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Still, the show's entertained us every summer and winter whether we like it or not. And after a corny "Beauties vs. Geeks" episode, maybe there might be a chance in the horizon.

Well, that’s it for today. Tune in Friday for the UGLY. That's right. Goodnight and (in a true, Wipeout sendoff) big balls.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Shows: The Okay

Quick Update: This post was supposed to happen a week ago, I swear. Oh well.

Song Stuck In My Head: "One Last Breath" by Creed. What? It was playing on the store radio.

So, continuing the series I began last week, we're exploring new summer shows...the "good", the "okay", the "bad", and the "ugly".

Wednesdays 9:30/8:30pm on ABC.

Yep, you probably remember the commercials and maybe even seen a few episodes already. ABC’s take on singing reality shows has a drama show feel to it, but still has famous celebrity judges to back it up.

While the show does have a few other new features, like the use of “charts” to indicate which artists are in danger of elimination or the fact it’s one night only and has no results show, it hasn’t been as memorable as ABC’s promotional campaign made it seem. Or maybe we’re just strung out on these shows by now.

Still, lots of talent to go around and I love Kelly Clarkson, so….

Saving Hope.
Thursdays 9/8pm on NBC.

You wouldn’t think a show about a man in a coma who helps dead people have closure would be chock full of originality, let alone humor and heart. But you’d be wrong. (Or proven wrong? You know what. As if I know).

Each episode revolves a recently deceased character who hasn’t moved on yet, and their small story. A lot of the show also focuses on the man and his doctor girlfriend/fiance. Their love, which is of course complicated by his whole coma thing, is refreshingly believable and even fun, though sad at times. You root for them.

That said, not all the main characters are as lovable and with such a pigeonholed premise, it does have a slowness to it, and it will feel really, really, really, really, no, really repetitive at times. If you can stomach that, then it’s a good show. And it might still be until, you know, it gets canceled in two weeks. (Come on. We all NBC hasn't been doing too hot as of late).

The Glass House.
Mondays 10/9pm on ABC. 

The show otherwise known as Big Brother’s and Real World’s enemy, the Glass House takes the reality show premise of throwing random strangers together to a whole new level. Instead, their actions are controlled by the viewers - or, votes and polls taken by the viewers. This is a great idea…but episode one didn’t execute it that well. The viewer’s first questions were innocent things like “Should the players have this food or that food?” or “Should they have a PJ party or swimsuit party?” and the self-declared villain of the show tried way too hard. 

Still, the players are refreshing, especially the ones with defined goals for being on the show. As the show goes on, it seems like it's getting a little too political or dramatized, but once you get past that, it's not too shabby. And the show has so many new features - if they start doing more interesting things with the viewers’ involvement, we could have something here!

Well, that's it for the "okay". Tune in for the "bad" next time. And trust'll get bad.