Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock/Pop Songs For the YA Writer - The Writing Process Version!

Quick Update: So, long time, no blog! I’ve been on summer vacation for the month, two month-ish and have only had glimpses of the internet, but never enough to truly blog and catch up with everyone in the writersophere. So how is everyone? Having a kickass summer, blah summer? Has anyone nearly melted to death yet? If you feel like hearing my not-as-exciting update post, check it out ah here.

Song Stuck In My Head: "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole. What? They were playing a special on the "kids of Dawson's Creek" when I started drafting this. :p

To be one of those crazy writer people is hard work. There’s the mood swings, the late nights, the laziness, the lack of touch with reality, the conversations with pets when no one else is around (okay, that could just be me…:/). So why not let a little music bring you up?

Since I didn’t get a chance to do a Playlist of the Month in the first week of June, July, OR August, as scheduled, and haven’t done any sort of writing post in ages, I decided to combine the both. BTW, no links today - I'm under watch *suspicious wandering eyes* but as soon as I get to the library every song will have links.


THE STAGES OF A WRITER - Le Rock (and Pop) Version.

Stage One: Holyskittles-that-thing-you-just-said-just-friggin-made-my-brain-explode-I-must-write-this-down-I-MUST-WRITE-THIS-DOWN
Translation: Idea.
Musical translation: Rob Thomas’ “This Is How a Heart Breaks”

Stage Two: Yay, let’s come up with some of that extra cool stuff to add to this! Oh! Maybe I can finally have a character who has a pet unicorn! YESSS!
Translation: Prewriting/plotting (pantsers might skip this stage, haha)
Musical translation: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ “I Want You”

Stage Three: Okay, so now I just have to make sense of this PURE GENIUS.
Translation: Beginning of the drafting process.
Musical Translation: AFI’s “Medicate”

Stage Four: No, no, no, spark…stay! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING SPARKY-SPARK!
Translation: First writing blocks/fading “spark”
Musical Translation: White Rabbits’ “Percussion Gun”

Translation: Doubt/on-and-off writing
Musical Translation: Atreyu’s “Falling Down”

Stage Six: Must. Hold. On. Must. Make. Mother. Proud.
Translation: Persevering. Also revising/editing
Musical Translation: P!nk’s “Please Don’t Leave Me”

Stage Seven: I am in this for the long run. TIME TO FINISH UP THIS MESS!
Translation: Final drafting and revisions
Musical Translation: Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son” (BTW, does anyone else think of the show Supernatural when they hear this song? Haha)

Stage Eight: DON’T JUDGE ME!
Translation: Sharing/beta readers
Musical Translation: Incubus’ “Dig”

Stage Nine: Please don’t hate me. Don’t stomp on my dreams.
Translation: Agent time!
Musical Translation: Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”

Annnnd should all go well, you might just reach stage ten. There’s no words that could properly describe stage ten. So let’s just stick with the musical translation, shall we?

Okay everyone, have a nice week. Or two weeks. Three weeks? However long until I revisit the world wide web, let’s go with that. After all, school is kicked back into gear, so I am currently drooling for a job. This means a) money! gas money to go to library! It also means b) I can finally pay off those library fees that makes the library hate me. Yay!

Ah well. One can only pray and hope.


Not-As-Exciting Update Post (as well as a catch-up with my followers

Heyo, guys. As you know, I've been pretty much absent from the internet world. Let's call it a "hiatus". And while I will make up for it with the most epic cat pictures in the world (as always), how about some small news?



Okay, so my church is miniscule. It used to be the minister's house, until she moved across the street. I live in sort of a small neighborhood, so it's a church for that sort of people. However, since there is a lot of little kids there, we officially started a Sunday school for them, with me as the only assistant. Which is pretty cool. It's weird seeing how toddler/kindergarden-aged kids think.


I recogized that just watching primetime and sitcom junk would drive me insane, so I decided to give both morning and late-night talk shows a chance. Now I'm addicted - especially to Jimmy Fallon, who completely rules - and will probably have a hard time getting un-addicted once the school year approaches.


Growing up, even as a kid, whenever I had a movie I loved, I would end up watching enough to memorize it. But for once, I finally gave more movies on TV and such a chance! What movies, you ask? Among the many teen comedies and dramas, I finally, FINALLY got to watch "I Am Sam" and "Silence of the Lambs", as well as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", "The Karate Kid" (original one, too!). There's others, but my mind is currently blank. An unexpected bonus: many culture jokes make sense now..."it rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again"...


No, not the cool 3-D version that came out, the original, on my good ol' retro Gamecube. But I still beat the crap out of it, bringing my video-games-I've-destroyed total up to...eight! Of course, three of those games are more little-kid games and one is a super-easy Harry Potter game (Chamber of Secrets, haha). I'm not exactly on the path of being videogame-extraordinare here.


One of my cats - Em, short for Emma - popped out kittens two months or so ago, right when I was taken away from the outside world. Since this was her first litter not all of them lived, but the three survivors are the most beautiful critters I've ever seen. Their names: Duck, Rabbit (both part of an inside joke) and Swarley, a reference to a "How I Met Your Mother Episode" (anyone seen it?). Would post some adorable pics, but sadly, they already have homes. Next time!


So, my BFF, and the only person who gets most of the inside jokes mentioned here, happens to be a kickass drawer. Her drawing is like if someone took Tim Burton designs and mixed in a little anime. Since she draws a lot of sorta monster/demented/dark stuff, I asked if she could draw the monster in my WIP (work-in-progress). Now, I just need to find a way to get an agent and publisher who will be willing to have her be the actual cover designer/illustrator person when and if my stuff gets published. Once I can, I'll post a picture of the "monster".


However, despite being someone who dressed up as Hermoine three years in a row, dressed up as Luna Lovegood for the final book release party, read the first HP book I ever picked up (Prisoner of Azkaban) in one week, and read the last one within two days, and pretty much became a writer because of J.K Rowling... I have not seen the new and final movie. *cue audience gasp*. Let's just say that the aforementioned BFF has parents that aren't too happy with letting her go off and see movies. It wouldn't be friend-like to go see without her, so I'll wait until it comes out on DVD if that's what it takes. Though I hope it doesn't! BTW, can someone please explain the whole jumping-off-the-tower-with-Voldemort sequence? It was most definitely not in the book, though it looks cool.

Okay, okay, now that the updates are up, time for my apology. As always, here are some pics straight from the mouth of Google! That is right...LOLcatz!

And my personal favorite...

So hopefully you guys forgive me. And now I can ask you about you guys! Any exciting summer news? Funny moments? Watch any good movies? Don't be afraid to speak up! Besides, I miss people! I miss you guys!!! My Twitter followers come and go, but my few blogger followers are the ones that I adore!

Well, that would be it. For a more formal goodbye, you might wanna check out my actual, more exciting