Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yep, I Saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, And...

Quick Update: Um..okay, all blog posts have been postponed until now due to A) lack of internet, B) lack of connected keyboard, and C) my own procrastination. Hope no one is too displeased.

So, the theater is dark. A preview for Charlie St. Cloud plays (and doesn't look too bad), my female parental is quickly outside taking one last smoke of her cigarette, butter is pretty much pasted on my fingers, and I'm up at one o'clock in the morning to watch some romantic film called the Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Is it worth it?

...Hell yes.

Okay, so you could say this is a biased review. I mean, there's the fact that I've been part of the fandom since the first flick came out, that I'm a teenage girl, or the blueprints I have of Robert Pattinson's house (totally joking on that last part). But aren't the haters also biased? If they disliked the previous movies, there's a weight that carries onto this film. So maybe a positive review would be nice, eh?

First off, David Slade is brilliant. I only saw a half hour of 30 Days of Night (grrr, had no choice, it was on TV) but there are a couple music videos of his that I love (Stone Temple Pilot's SOUR GIRL and AFI's GIRL'S NOT GREY, to be exact). He did an above average job at bringing a more vampire-ish atmosphere and horror elements to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Scenes - like the opening clip of newborn Riley writhing in agony on the harbor, or the fighting scene in which the Cullens and werewolf pack snap heads clear off the enemy - would have scared original director Catharine Hardwicke silly.

Isn't the Twilight Saga: Eclipse's Xavier Samuel (as Riley) fine? *cough* Um, back to the review.

I personally love how Slade gave the actors more leniency. It's brutal honesty, but in the first two movies characters were pretty one-dimensional and emotionless. Maybe Stephanie Meyer's writing style isn't flawless, but she had at least managed to create more fleshed-out characters (whether Bella is a "Mary Sue" character or not, she did have a sarcastic point-of-view sometimes, and tended to be scared easily, for instance). Robert definitely got in more time to be a rough, protective vampire (see scene below, between Edward and Jacob after Jacob steals a smooch from Bella). If anything, it was Taylor who lacked as much flavor in his one-liner deliveries, as funny as they were. Here is where Edward threatens Jacob (video is not mine):

My favorite part of this third installment was definitely the back stories, and how they played out on-screen. Eclipse is my favorite book in the series, mostly for this same reason. There are chapters that focus just on the histories of Rosalie, Jasper, and the werewolves as a whole. And while not every detail made it in, the dramatics were amazing. We got to see Rosalie take her ironic bride's revenge out on her fiance, Jasper kill newborns for Maria and how much it pained him, and the "cold ones" when they first conflicted with the "spirit warriors".

Heehee, my first funny image of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Captions are pretty cheap though.

That said, it has its flaws. Kristin doesn't get Bella's torn feelings across that well. Not that we have enough time to see her go back and forth between Edward and Jake (though a part where Edward makes a show his kissing abilities with Bella when the dog's watching). And a lot of the funnier parts seemed to have too much intensity with them. Take the scene embed earlier; in the book, it's a funny and ironic one. Jacob immaturely kissed Bella, and she got pissed in a way only a teen girl could. and there was a string of insults that followed as she had Edward pick her up. And yeah, he got protective, but he also had a funny, CALM monologue about what he'd to Jacob should he ever harm Bella again.

This post is starting to get too long, so I'll put the review to a halt for now. Tune in tomorrow (and yes, I promise tomorrow there shall be a post!) for more pros and cons on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ! For now, other blog posts are waiting to be read!

Oh, and a major thanks to my new followers. I don't now how to repay the fact, except for following you back! :) Hope people reading this enjoyed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome Contest for Fellow Bookworms

Quick Update: Listening to a few of the songs of the Almost Alice CD. It's the best non-soundtrack, movie soundtrack ever made.

So, while I get together a bunch of interesting stuff to write about when it comes to werewolves and the Twilight Saga movies, I found a few contests via Twitter. Here is one!

Pretty much, she's giving away these four, amazing-looking YA books. Which books might these be, do you ask?

In HARMONIC FEEDBACK, a girl with some psychological problems (no better character flaws!) befriends a couple others who, for the first time, don't treat her like a mental case. With the trio's musicial talents and need to express themselves through it, they form a band...but not without consequences. Buy it here at:

In GIVE UP THE GHOST, there's another teenage girl, only she has some paranormal talent. She talks to ghosts. Instead of using it for good like Jennifer Love Hewitt, she instead uses them to get the dirty gossip on the popular kids that made her an outcast. However, when one comes to her for help with the dead, her talent backfires. Get it here at

Prize three, BALLADS OF SUBURBIA, is the tale of a third teen girl, who, after a series of events involving heroin overdoses, heartless boyfriends, cutting, and your typical family problems, is ready to get her experience out. And here's the link...

Lastly, THE DEATHDAY LETTER, a book recently released, is the story of a world where everyone receives a friendly letter twenty-four hours before they die warning of them of what's going to happen tomorrow. So Ollie, who happens to get one of these, decides to do the one thing he's yet to accomplish: get the girl. And insert the Amazon

That is all. They all seem pretty cool, so I guess have to cross my fingers now, eh?

I'll promise I'll write a kickass Twilight post tonight though, so hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. :) Bye, off to watch Youtube videos and finish entering the contest!

P.S. Sorry about the whole "Take a Look Inside" part of the pictures...I'm sort of horrible at copy-and-pasting sometimes. :(

Friday, June 18, 2010


Some Screaming Fangirl: TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE #1 - The Maniacal Volturi#links#links#links

TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE #1 - The Maniacal Volturi

Quick Update: My friend and I went in hysterics during a late-night (midnight-ish, and hey, we're teenagers, we're allowed) after a fan video she made for one of the stars for Twilight was re-tweeted by the celebrity himself. So, inspiration struck!


What do you automatically think of when I say that? You have four options:

A) Wha-what! But I do believe it's still early afternoon!
C) Ick. Really? Are we going to talk about this? F*** YOU!
D) Eh. Whatever. Not sure how I got here anyways... *quickly erases any searches for Robert Pattinson shirtless on Google History*

Okay, mostly Twilight brings to mind the subtle-plotted, somewhat dramactic blockbuster series (both book and movie series) about some bookish chick who has the hots for an immortal. However, as a fangirl there are two details about this mega-hit that I do like...1) awesome soundtrack/score songs, especially Paramore's "DECODE", some Muse songs, and Carter Burwell piano ballads to make us seem all "sophisticated". And 2) ATTRACTIVE MALES! (For a small note, people whose reaction was choice A or C will probably snort and/or make some noise of disgust at this).

For further reference, yes, I do find something appealing in those "ugly, hairy morsels" that "call themselves actors", should you be some hater. Now that we got that out of the way, let's focus on a particular breed among them...THE VOLTURI.

Okay, let's have a hasty review for those not in-the-know: the Volturi, in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, are the evil, red-eyed rulers of their kind that judge too harshly and make decisions that never really seem to better anyone (sounds like our governement - hey, who said that!...) They'd brought into the storyline after Edward (you know, Robert Pattinson, 108-year old virgin vampire, get out from under that rock you're under before you suffocate!) decides to kick his own bucket when he believes Bella (I'm not going to explain this anymore, just Google it for crying out loud) is dead. After all, only vampires can kill other vampires (except for werewolves, but totally another story) and it's not like Edward can politely ask his brothers and sisters "Oh, my ex-girlfriend who I said I'd forget is probably dead, so can one of you please, please kill me so I don't have to suffer?". Yeah, not going to happen. So, his next choice is the Volturi - break one, itty bitty rule and they come running with fangs ready. See here in one of the small cips from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, featuring a minority of the Volturi.

To cast the Volturi, however, they brought in a wider variety of thespians to play the parts, everything from Sweeney Todd actors to child-stars-made-A-Listers. Here are the four Volturi we'll get to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. All the quotes from the books are thanks to Twilighters Anonymous, since for some stupid reason I left my Twilight books at home before I came to Tucson for summer vaca. :(

DANIEL CUDMORE as FELIX. Felix is somewhat of a body-guard for the Volturi. Strong, gigantic, angry, that sort of thing. What are some other movies that you can find him in? Small parts in ARE WE THERE YET?, DRIVEN TO KILL, and ICARUS, as well as a bigger role in X-MAN: THE LAST STAND as both Peter Rasputin and Colossus.

DAKOTA FANNING as JANE. Her character is an evil, little girl, who has this creepy ability to cause extreme, mental pain with her super-duper vampire powers. She does so on Edward around the end of the Twilight Saga: New Moon. Dakota's been in way too many movies for her own good; some of her most recent work is THE RUNAWAYS, CORALINE, PUSH, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, FRAGMENTS, and CUTLASS. Those are the ones where she'll be nearest to her actual age - sixteen.

CAMERON BRIGHT as ALEC. As Jane's evil twin, he has demonic abilities of his own, only they're physical, as he can blind enemies instead of torture them. To see more of Cameron Bright, check his moderate and minor roles in flicks like AN AMERICAN AFFAIR, X-MAN: THE LAST STAND (with his castmate Daniel), and THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. He also had a small role in one of my favorites, JUNO. Sorry. Just had to include that. :)

CHARLIE BREWLEY as DEMETRI. A.K.A, the blonde hunk who caused our ruckus on Twitter last night. Demetri (who in the picture is holding back petite Alice, or Ashley Green) is another body-guard sort of character, only he has an ability of his own: tracking. As in, once he catches your scent, he can follow you like a dog wherever you may go. Charlie hasn't had much of a resume (according to my friend, he's been in a couple movies like Ectasy) but his Twilight Saga role has already changed things.

Really, I'd planned on doing just the Volturi in the Eclipse movie, so perhaps I should stop now, as this blog is already a bit lengthy. However, my schedule has changed a bit - stay tuned to SOME SCREAMING FANGIRL DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM for a whole string of blogs until the day THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is released! I'm sure I can find more things to talk about when it comes to this amazing series in less than two weeks' time!

So, tuning out now! Be sure to read the next couple of weeks for other Twilight-related blog posts.

Here's my friend's fan video for Charlie Brewley:

Monday, June 14, 2010

"IF I HAD YOU"... Oh, Wait, You're Gay!

Quick Update: After waiting a couple eons for my female parental to kick some, Kid-Rock-loving loser off our only computer, I found an email from my BFF with a link to Adam Lambert's new music video premiere. Time to discuss (and to post the video in this blog entry, of course)

So, Monday blog posts will revolve around...well, let's go ahead and say ANYTHING.

Welcome, strangers, welcome. Today is nice day for all fangirls obsessed with gay guys.... What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm sure that the name Adam Lambert is well-known by now Say it and half the girl population will scream *cough*. Say it and uptight, Southern folk will growl cuss words to voice their distaste. Why? Because the attractive American Idol runner-up - with vocals that reach those notes that only dogs can hear, probably - happens to like boys.

Should you go on Youtube and watch any performance and/or music video of Lambert's, yeah, you're bound to see a million comments debating about this fact. Personally, I don't see what is so wrong with it. If anyone had been paying attention to our media for the past - oh, century or so - they would have noticed that gay and lesbian entertainment has been something of custom in our media. As an author, I see lots of genres that are just for this (I'm not saying I write it or anything, I'm saying that it's an option). Just look at our media these days! Not only musicians, but actors, TV hosts, models, they're everywhere. As a Christian, I am proud to say that God to tells us to love everybody, no matter who or what they are.

So, for now, as people continue to pretend that our world is still the same as it was when horses were vehicles and taxes weren't horror stories, and people stuck to the opposite sex. Just because he likes makeup doesn't mean that Adam Lambert can't sing like angel, right? And his being angel is fine by me, as long as he doesn't too much glitter on his wings (be subtle, Adam, SUBTLE).

So, here's his newest video for IF I HAD YOU, the third single off his debut album, in all its post-disco dance vibe. P.S. This videos does NOT belong to me, obviously, think more VH1, Adam Lambert, and his record label. Copyright is all theirs.

VH1 TV Shows Music Videos Celebrity Photos News & Gossip

Checking out now. Tuning out of blogger and back to rock/pop musician Avril Lavigne, who, thankfully, is perfectly straight (though I'm still wary in her taste of guys - I mean, Brody Jenner? Really?) Do try to tune in for my blogs this weekend about THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE and its cast.

Monday, June 7, 2010

*RANDOM* Loony Lovegood

Quick Update: Recent outbreak of bug bites finally healing. They weren't kiddin when they said "don't let the bed bugs bite...or reproduce eerily under your mattress..."

So, Monday blog posts will revolve around...well, let's go ahead and say ANYTHING.

What about those fictional characters, eh? We all have our favorites. Guy geeks idolize a hobbit's every move, and girls fawn over sparkly, de-bloused immortals. Made-up people are just likeable. If your best friend suddenly starting eating humans alive and then asked for mercy, you'd forget them. If Hannibel Lector started eating humans alive and then asked for mercy, you'd curiously listen to his story. It just happens.

Personally, my favorite fictional character of all time is LUNA LOVEGOOD, via J.K. Rowling's legendary Harry Potter books.

Readers recognize Luna as the odd, anti-conspiracist yet clever Ravenclaw student, who tends to wear necklaces of cork caps and talk about things that just aren't there. Movie-goers kind of know her as Evanna Lynch's blonde, airy-voiced character, with a dead mother and MIA shoes, for reasons beyond us.

J.K Rowling is obviously known for her characterization. They're all different, with personalities and backstories that could probably make J.K wealthy for three lifetimes if she were to publisht hem. You can rely on Hermione for book smarts, the twins for rebellious trouble-making, Snape for, scaring tactics. Luna was sadly a bit player, but whenever she did come to bat, it was for something big. In HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, her words helped Harry accept the truth of people dying and moving on. In HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, she accompanied Harry to a party, allowing him to overhear a certain converse there. And of course in the final book, she was held hostage. That's sort of major.

She was a character that everyone felt sympathy for though. How dare those Hogwarts students tease her, steal her shoes, and leave her convinced she's friendless because she believes every fairy-tale her father writes in the newspaper? Her mother died when she nine for crying out loud! Luna's also likeable, and looking out for people, especially Harry and Ginny.

Kudos to J.K, and kudos to Luna "Loony" Lovegood!