Monday, November 22, 2010

Newest Obsessions (Rec of the Week post...technically)

Quick Update: American Music Awards 2010 was dull, compared to last year's homophobic freak-out about Adam Lambert that is. Oh well. In other news, I'm getting a new Facebook account (apparently I never verified my old one, so they got rid of it. Forget that!)

So, this is going to be the one blog entry for the week (Thanksgiving break! Three days off! YAY!) so time to make the most of it.

As of late, I have been warming up to new musical and/or film-ical crazes. I'd thought I would share some of it with you guys!

The band FILTER (you probably know their hit song "Take a Picture"). I've always liked them and the total of three songs I know by them, including an epic alternative rock cover of the song "One". Then after hearing another one of their songs in a movie, "The Only Way is the Wrong Way" I've been going psycho about them again. They have this sort of heavenly, industrial touch to their sound, it's very soothing.

The band MUSE, and no, not just because my favorite singer Avril Lavigne introduced them at the AMA's. I've just been getting "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Uprising" stuck in my head for no reason. Not complaining though. They're pretty epic Brits though.

The rock group HEART. I heard "Crazy On You" and "Barracuda" within the same few days on two separate radio stations. Result: Crazy for Heart. The singer's voice is friggin' epic.

My Chemical Romance, of course. Their new album, #DangerDays, is out today and there was a listening party to toast this on their Youtube page.

A band called Mindless Self Indulgence. They're very punk-meets-pyschadelic, but they have funny perverted lyrics snd a half-girl, half-guy line-up so why not? At the moment, their song "Shut Me Up" is dancing in my head. Very odd song.

And, I'm rediscovering the Pretty Reckless. Their new video for "Just Tonight" came out, and it's so Goth it's beautiful. Also, Taylor Momsen (the lead singer of the band) recently became a familiar character on the show "Gossip Girl". And yes, I watch that show. Feel free to throw stuff at me.

As for movies, the obvious HARRY POTTER. Holy skittles, that was beautiful. And also "Anger Management", since I realized my scratched-up copy of it is still in working condition. (I feel pretty...oh, so pretty...). The other day I also watched one of my favorite childhood movies about a kid and his dog, "My Dog Skip". Yeah, the dog dies, but it's of old age so that's a relief.

Other than, my only other obsession is Sarah Rees Brennan's "The Demon's Lexicon", the first book I ever won in a contest. I finally have time for it after re-reading the Harry Potter series. Anyone a fan?

Okay, peeps, be awesome and don't get too huge of a turkey headache! I'll see you later! And as a goodbye for now, here's a funny article about Photoshop I just read on "Cracked".

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