Monday, February 6, 2012


Quick Update: So...Superbowl...yeah.

Song Stuck in My Head: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

American Idol returned last month. The Voice’s second season debuted last night. The first American X Factor was crowned not even two months ago, and recently dropped two judges and a host. Annnd America’s Got Talent is in its beginning stages of its summer season, with new judge Howard Stern.

Whether they’re dancing, having mental breakdowns, singing, yelling at judges, or performing fire tricks there’s no denying TV is full of those talent reality shows. Maybe you’re an avid fan yourself. You love them for their showcasing of starving artists, giving them the chance they never had. Or maybe you just watch for Simon Cowell’s jibes, we don’t judge (pun intended.)

Welcome to SSF’s TALENT REALITY SHOW WEEK. A week to kick back and relax and discuss various shows’ merits and well…more laughable parts. A sort of compare and contrast, if you will.

First, let’s meet our contestants….

American Idol - Search the country for an unsigned artist. Give them a microphone, give America a phone line. Occasional celebrity advice, but mostly the artist is on their own.

Number of seasons: Currently in eleventh. Must be pretty successful.
Stolen from a British show? Check. Pop Idol.
Sponsored by: Coca Cola.

The X Factor - Search the country for an unsigned artist, or group, of any age and give them a microphone and randomly chosen mentor. Categorize them by Girls, Boys, Groups, and Over 30’s. Occasional celebrity advice, including the mentors’.

Number of seasons: Just finished up first.
Stolen from a British show? You know it. And same name too!
Sponsored by: Pepsi.

The Voice - Search the country for an unsigned artist. Four mentors who choose team based off voice alone, and compete more against each other than the contestants do.

Number of seasons: Currently in second.
Stolen from a British show? No! Congrats, guys! Originality. Except wait just a second...THIS IS BASED OFF A DUTCH SHOW!?
Sponsored by:…hmm. Might have to get back to you on this.

America’s Got Talent - Search the country for…well, anything. Singers, magicians, glass-eaters, dirt bike riders, dance teams, comedians, etc. Three judges are expected to keep cool during the chaos, America is expected to narrow down the contestants to top four to get their own Vegas show.

Number of seasons: Six.
Stolen from a British show? Checkcheckcheck. Britain’s Got Talent, of course!
Sponsored by: Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popcorn (though I do love the Criss Angel commercial).

Winner of this round: The Voice. Unique, fair, and free of some sort of food/drink sponsor and Simon Cowell (we can’t have him on every show.)

Now, tell us, Mr. Host…what do these contestants have to look forward to?

American Idol - Record contract! And either instant fame or getting upstaged by your runner-up, depends. And tour with the top 10 contestants.

The X Factor - Even better record contract! Five million dollars! No tour with the other contestants, who cares about them? You won a FIVE MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT!

The Voice - Record contract! Annnd you get to be on late night shows and stuff, even if you’re a runner-up! And tour with the top 10 contestants.

America’s Got Talent - Your own Vegas show, and a tour with the runner-ups. Neat.

Winner of this round: Tie between X Factor and America’s Got Talent. Sure, we all enjoy money, but record contracts come and go. How often will you be a headliner in Vegas?

Where will our contestants perform this time, Mr. Host? Do tell!


American Idol - Fox. Just in case you didn’t get your Glee fix. Usually plays in the very beginning of the year.

The X Factor - Fox again. (What? We need something to play when we don’t have So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol to rely on. You can only watch so much House.) First season played during fall.

The Voice - NBC’s fun, new winter show that they’re now pairing up with their Glee-esque show about the Broadway life, SMASH. (Which premieres tonight by the way). However, it's also paired up AGAINST American Idol. Fight to the death, anybody?

America’s Got Talent - NBC’s summer show, usually paired up with re-runs of every other NBC show.

Winner of this round: America’s Got Talent. No competition to worry about.

That’s it for today. Do you guys have a favorite premise for any Talent Reality show (not just including these four). Do you agree with the winners for prize and network? Share your thoughts.

So far, we have AGT with two, The Voice with two. X Factor, American Idol….catch up! Tomorrow we’ll cover the people of Talent Reality shows: the Judges, the Hosts, the Winners, and the Losers. Should be fun.


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