Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Shows So Far: The GOOD

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Ah, summer. Speaking as an Arizonian…it sucks and I hate it. However, when it comes to entertainment, summer usually means either a) syndicated repeats and b) brand new, shiny shows that we haven’t seen all year. This can either be great or bad.

Welcome to SUMMER SHOWS SO FAR: THE GOOD, THE OKAY, THE BAD, and THE UGLY with SSF. So let’s go to the new stuff playing on the major networks (as in, not cable shows but shows available to everyone) that doesn't make us want to cry or rant on message boards (yet).

America’s Got Talent.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 8/7pm. on NBC.

Oh yeah. This season, while the acts are as randomly wacky as always, is by general opinion the best yet. And we all know why: Howard Stern. Going back and forth between channeling Simon Cowell with sharp, to-the-point critiques and having a boatload of heart and empathy for the acts, he is more or less the perfect judge.

Even better, Howie, Nick, and Sharon have to be funnier than usual just to keep up with him, making the show better than ever.

LA Complex.
Tuesday 9/8 pm on the CW.

A show I blogged about during A-Z blogging, the LA Complex is a Canadian-turned-American drama about being a nobody in Hollywood. It uses a mixture of irony and self-deprecating characters with fun situations and glimmers of hopes and dreams. Every character, and every wild decision or action they take, feels real, which is a nice change.

And it’s wild: a comedian wannabe ends up using a story of S&M gone bad in his act; a script-carrying actress attends AA meetings to “network” with producers and actors. In the end, it’s just entertaining.

Unfortunately this show wasn't made to be, and even though CW might air some episodes of season two and season one during the summer, don't expect to last longer than that. However, it's a nice show to have a great run with and then maybe watch online for a while.

Well, that's all for now for the good. What shows on major TV networks or any network do you consider "good" right now? What do you hope is good?

Okay, lat - Oh, right. I've been away for a while, I owe you guys a LOLcatz-style apology. I mean, I guess it isn't getting a little overused and I probably shouldn't but -


And since we did talk about America's Got Talent and all...

There. You're welcome. NOW later.

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