Monday, September 27, 2010

Choose Your Instrument...Your Writing Instrument

Quick Update: Okay, so I'm not doing this blog post because I finally got a guitar amp over the weekend...well, maybe I am. In other news, see Easy A. Only good teen movie since...well, let's not go back that far.

Okay, writers, prepare for the grueling and emotional, hideous WRITING PROCESS. You have your idea, or your direction. You have your inspirations, and a few beautiful, poetic words in your head. So let's start the band practice! That's right...BAND PRACTICE.

So you walk into the garage (office/couch with notebook/laptop/etc.) You pick up the instruments and tune them a bit (sharpen pencils, start laptop, make it look like you're taking notes so the teacher is unaware, etc.) But WHAT instrument will you choose? How will you approach this story you NEED to write, preferably with no panic attacks?

Maybe you'll pick up a GUITAR. With heavy and complicated chords, you'll take every strum seriously. As a writer, that means you're the outliner. You're the one who thinks about the characters and how they'll act, and thinks over the plot before you try to accomplish it. You'll take on every word like a pro, much like Hemingway, and end up creating a fine sequence of events - or should I say musical notes? - that will only need a couple layers to be polished.

Or maybe you'll avoid the guitar...perhaps you just want to get the idea out, and will perfect it later. You're a downright DRUMMER. Take out all your thoughts with two drumsticks, and spit out a wicked, but sloppy, rhythm that your story will abide. You don't need the finished copy, you just need a tune to rock to, and the rest of the song will follow.

Maybe you're...unsure. You have a lot of ideas begging to come to life, but aren't ready to dish out a finishing solo yet. Get yourself a BASS. Lay down the relative, imperfect layer that will frame your story, but manage to get your voice and talent into this draft as well. Your low-key, but thought out, touch will lead to a story that is readable yet flexible layer to start with - then you can make the needed edits, or slaps.

Were you just born to SING? Pick up that microphone, er, red pen, and go. Belt your little heart out and tell the story that rings true to you. Then you can attack it with autotune, back-up vocals, and unbelievable notes that are added afterwards - your revisions. Maybe the ending voice will sound different, but it'll be impeccable and catchy and wonderful to sing later on.

As writers, all of handle our "creative genius" (as we'd like to label it) differently. One thing to agree on is that the finished copy is worth a listen.

Signing out now. Cross your fingers I get my first, minimum-wage job at McDonald's this Wednesday (I turned sixteen last week, haha). Then I get internet at home and do REAL blog posts! Another time, creative geniuses...go make beautiful music!

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  1. I'm a guitarist.

    Good luck with McDonald's.