Wednesday, December 15, 2010

‘Tis the Season and All that Good Stuff (And LOLcatz!)

Quick Update: Only blog of the week, and probably next week too. But starting the first week of January, I’ll be debuting not only a new SSF blog, but a new schedule that I’m hoping to stick to for once instead of this spontaneous whenever-I-can-post.

Song Stuck In My Head: Something by Fleetwood Mac. It was playing on the radio today.

Hey, guys. Merry early Christmas!

Well, I have some news here and there. Good news: Thanks to a contest by Warwick bases, I won a badass contest. Second place! I don’t get a base like the grand prize, but I do get twelve sets of strings…which might be a little useless, since all I have is a Fender Stratocaster guitar knock-off. Oh well. I also used my handy-dandy new flash drive to transfer a lot of my old documents from our computer to my laptop. It’s so much fun to see how many plot holes I had when I first began my book! Ah, good times…

Bad news: Some of you might have saw my panicked tweet, but my best friend and practically sister Lacey and her family were in a car accident last Saturday while going to pick up her sister in Phoenix, AZ. Pretty scary stuff. Rolling over car, everyone unconscious. However, right now everyone’s healing both emotionally and physically. Her grandmother, who was driving, and littlest brother are getting out of surgery; my BFF has staples in her head and punk haircut going on apparently. I haven’t seen it yet though. Still, even if things are improving, it was a very panicky situation. Obviously car accidents are never pleasant. But, said BFF is coming back to town this weekend. So hopefully life will move on, and God will continue to protect them. I sorta consider her family my second family sometimes.

So I’m hoping you guys are all doing alright. If I can get a chance to sneak online, or even try the library, I plan on re-visiting the blogosphere for a while. Any good blogs or entries any of you have seen lately that I should check out?

And, I can’t let you leave without a Christmas gift!

I give you…LOLCATZ! (Holiday edition!)

And since we have been learning about different religions in world history class, I suppose I could add this, just in case I have any Jewish friends…

So Merry X-mas and other holidays! And be sure to watch Ryan Seacrest’s New Years Eve special on ABC too. Why? There’s a certain song debuting there that I probably won’t shut up about it the week after. Just warning you like any responsible fan girl would.



  1. hey, your blog is cool. i only just found it now. i love that you like cats!!! theyre one of my favorite animals, but i dont have any right now.
    cats are kinda like ppl, selfish and independent. they dont feel false like dogs, lol.

  2. Sorry about the accident.

    Thanks for sharing the funny pics.