Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SSF IS...SORTA BACK! (Update Post)

Quick Update: I started drafting this while watching "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" in history. It took until ten minutes before the movie was over that I figured out which one was even Elizabeth. Oh well.

Song Stuck In My Head: Fireflies by Owl City (got in a converse involving that today).

See that massive hand in the air? That's me waving at you guys - hey, long time no see!

Winter break's over, and there's laptops in journalism class now (though, I'll be honest, Macs scare me very, very much). So it's time to get back to work. Kind of. Actually, I've doomed you all to a fangirl post by the end of this week, my deepest and most sincerest apologies for that.

I hope you guys had a cheery Christmas and epic New Year's. I didn't do much except for read (expect a very strong review on Brooke Taylor's "Undone"), watch movies (INCEPTION. IS NOW. IN MY. POSSESSION! Muhahahaha....), finishing my first Legend of Zelda game (and with only a little itty bitty help via Youtube walkthrough) and talk to my best friend, who's thankfully recovering more and more from the accident that, weirdly enough, happened a month ago from today. She recently dyed her hair red, thanks to this guy. I didn't do a lot of writing (which is an invite for someone to run up and slap me) but I made up for it with epiphanies and prewriting.

I'm hoping this year on SSF will be one of actual blogging. I worship my flash drive, even though I don't use it to type blogs at home. Well, I do sometimes, but then the laptop freezes up (it's very shy) and the whole document vanishes. This is actually the third version of this blog post you're reading now. Fun fact, right?

Even this is proof I'm procrastinating, since it's just another "hey, whassup?" post. But I have reviews of movies, books, etc. And I'm reading these two books right now, one about fiction books in general and another about "getting romantic" with the idea of writing. So I'm sure that'll spark a Writing, Publishing, and the Teenager post or two.

And how about you guys? Hey! Whassup? I can't still believe I'm getting more followers...but hi to you guys too. Thanks for thinking of me enough to hit the subscribe button.

Okay, I'll stop now before the rabid and drooling fangirl in me ends up spitting out anything from my Rec of the Week post.

Oh...too late...I'm sorry. Here, I'll make it up to you with the best quote I ever heard...this week.


- Jim Carrey, Saturday Night Live, 1/8/11 (as in last Saturday, he hosted).

Later guys!


  1. Read and watch movies. Sounds like a fun holiday season to me! Love the Inception pic.

  2. lol, i do the same thing, write posts on my pc and take them to my sister`s on my flashdrive. your post is awesome, loved the Jim Carrey quote. tell me something...how can someone not like Jim Carrey?? It`s still a mystery...

  3. @K.M Yeah, gotta love Google IMage.

    @LBH. Anyone who dislikes Jim Carrey has no soul.