Friday, January 21, 2011

Rec of the Week: Brandon Boyd! (a.k.a lead singer of Incubus)

Quick Update: Typed up in-between periods of psychosis as I await a certain music video debuting this Sunday. : ) La, la, la, la…

Song Stuck In My Head:… Taking Back Sunday’s “Sink Into Me”. It’s a very awesome video.

After Sick Puppies and My Chemical Romance - two bands I have already fangirled about - Incubus would definitely be my next favorite band. Since they’re extremely well-known (you’ve probably heard “Drive” before) I won’t waste anyone’s time squealing about a popular alternative band that’s been around since the 90’s. Unless truth be told, and they do release an album this year, but that’s just expected. Other than that, no fangirling over the band. Nope.

Just the lead singer. *evil laugh*

The lead singer of Sick Puppies agrees with me on this (or so he’s said before) - Brandon Boyd, the lead vocalist as well as occasional congo-drum player of California-native band Incubus, is the most friggin’ talented male singer of our time. No, seriously. We’ll always cherish Frank S., and Michael Jackson, and all of those other cult classics…but for now, Brandon is still performing and croons his way into many hearts. It makes sense, as Incubus has a very mellow edge to their music. A raw edge. And he’s an amazing live singer (at least of what I’ve seen in videos, hehe).

Recently, Brandon Boyd released a solo album. Which only makes sense. The guys in Incubus are just as perverted and drunken buffoons as you would expect young rock stars to be, but they’re also bursting to the rim with creativity. They’re artists, cartoonists, designers, etc. Since Brandon could rock the congo drums like a pro, and wasn’t too bad on acoustic guitar, he released the small in-between album “Wild Trapeze”.

I haven’t properly listened to any of its tracks until now, since I’m in the middle of an Incubus obsession. And hoooooly skittles, is it amazing. Take one of these singles from the CD, and its very artistic video, “Last Night a Passenger”.

I’d mostly recommend the song “Courage and Control”. This was one of the most looked up songs of his on Youtube, and there’s a reason why. It’s all acoustic guitar and has a soft, gentle piano touch to it. His first single, “Runaway Train” is pretty good as well. The whole album seems to have this indie meets folk edge to it, but still has the dramatization of Incubus songs. What’s not to love? And even better, he's also a badass artist. You should look up some of his work.

In a random change of subject, has anyone seen the new season of American Idol yet? Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are rather…odd judges. Oh well. I'm just thankful that Kara Digouridi (NO idea how to spell her last name) is gone. She really got on my nerves. I was glad that when Katy Perry of all people guest-judged, she threatened to throw her coke in Kara's face (it would have been entertaining!).

Later, guys. Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. Hey....I never heard of that
    take care, you have a good weekend too...:D

  2. WOW you're a dumb ass by saying the rest of the band is not important