Friday, March 4, 2011

PLAYLIST OF THE MONTH: Nostalgiac, Bittersweet Songs

Quick Update: My mom just got herself her first Facebook! I'm not too terrified (yet) because I rarely go on there and she doesn't know how to use it anyways, xD.

Song Stuck In My Head: Pretty much this entire video.

I'm drafting this in math, instead of doing notes. I failed to write the blog last night, since I sorta dozed off while listening to Avril Lavigne songs. Sleep deprivation will do that to you.

Anyways, welcome to the second ever PLAYLIST OF THE MONTH! And today's theme is *drum roll* NOSTAGLIA. As in, missing somebody or a part of your life that you can never go back to, with a mixture of happiness and downright depression.

This is today's theme mostly because a preview of one of Avril's new songs - Wish You Were Here - is dancing in my head. Also because we mentioned something about conserving old memories in my history class.

And now, moving onto the music!

INCUBUS - 11 A.M. This song is very bittersweet, almost-acoustic tune, and Brandon Boyd's vocals match it perfectly. With lyrics that mention how the garbage day is a sad day, since there are things you're throwing away for good. They use the best metaphors. I'd definitely recommend looking up the lyrics to this when you listen to it.

THE CARDIGANS - Erase and Rewind. Totally not a song I would typically listen to, but someone put it in the background of a video I watched once, and it stuck. IT's a very soft, mellow tune, and really descriptive of how it feels to be unable to go back and change something in the past.

SICK PUPPIES - The Way. My favorite band! This is one of their earlier songs (circa 2000) when they were living in Australia still, and it's definitely the soft song on the album. But it's still pretty amazing, and very nostalgiac over "the way things used to be".

METRIC - Combat Baby. Metric is one of my Indie vices. :) Anyhow, it's a very dark and moody indie-punk song, about missing the way things were, even if the way things were weren't the most enjoyable thing over. Stuff like "I miss your ranting", and "do you miss my all-time lows?"

GREEN DAY - Whatshername. The ultimate modern rock, post-break-up song. Trying to forget the person, trying to remember, it's a whole mass of confusion. Since the entire American Idiot album is about the fictional "St. Jimmy", it makes sense that the girl he loved would get her own song, however nostagliac.

I guess I'd thought it would be cool to have a playlist with this theme, since last month's theme was all love songs. These are songs that hit hard when the love and spark is gone and fading. A lot of fictional characters go through this feeling after all. Can you guys think of anything that represents that emotion to you?

And that's today's blog! I have no idea how inverse functions (today's lesson) work, but I'm thinking my life will go on. I guess I'll talk to you all later. Expect a very, very, VERY Avril-themed string of blogs next week. xD

Later, and be sure to have an awesome weekend!


  1. lol, the little cartoon thingie is too funny. The only nostalgic song I can think of is "Away" by Nightwish. At least the first two verses are about the time that was, how "The days were brighter, gardens more blooming
    The nights had more hope..." Excuse the quoting, but I have it memorized and love it.
    And, lol, it's so annoying how parents make pages and come "check up" on you...I deleted my mom from my friends on FB, she was being way too annoying. the other day she asked me if I had a blog. I quickly answered no. I don't want her snooping onto my blog and ruining all my fun. Imagine, she'd find out all my evil thoughts and hopes, lol.
    Take care

  2. I knew you would say Nightwish! Pretty cool stuff. And sucks about your mom and FB. Your evil thoughts and hopes should be your own, haha!