Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Quick Update: Just checked out two books dealing with teens in a mental hospital to read over spring break. Haha.


Pretty amazing day I had yesterday. My friend may or may not have broken up with her jerk of a boyfriend, finally. The adorable gay guys in this "gay-straight" alliance club me and a couple of my friends attend were friggin' HILARIOUS yesterday during this game we played. We didn't have to trek in my P.E. class.

Oh yeah...and yesterday I bought this CD here...

Pretty amazing day indeed!

And I listened to it all in one sitting, barely breathing. My face probably looked like this...

There's no greater joy than being a fangirl. I truly regret the day I do that weird "growing up" thing (haha) and don't obsess over things like musicians and movies, because it's an inner happiness that can rarely ever be obtained. I mean, it has its downsides (me and one of the aforementioned friends were recently ready to cry and sob because we JUST found out the guitarist and drummer left one of our favorite bands) but the upsides (is that a word?) were worth it.

I won't post a long, overly detailed review on here, to save you guys the time. Avril Bandaids has a post thingy just for reviews, so I think I'll put my long, overly detailed opinion on there. It's definitely a CD I would recommend though, if you ever decide to purchase an Avril Lavigne album. Just sayin'.

And to keep this blog-ish, have you guys ever waited for a CD/book/movie/etc. so long and so passionately that you felt it in your veins? How did it feel when that wonderful, spectacular, beautiful thing came into your possesion? Sharing time! Haha!

Okay, hopefully I can talk to you guys later this week. We have two early release days, then a week off for spring break (even though I live in a mega-party town, I'll probably stay inside 24/7) but I'm hoping to visit the library and visit. :)

So whether or not I talk to you guys, have fun, and see you later!


  1. lol, the cats are too cute. "Goodbye Lullaby" sounds cool. I mean, from the name.
    and about your question, YES! I've been waiting for such an age for Nightwish's new album, "Imaginarium". They're also making a movie, (yes, awesome) by the same name. But they're only coming out NEXT YEAR. I definitely feel it in my veins, but I'm still waiting for the spectacular beautiful part, lol.
    I know, I dread the day I'll just think "Whatever" about Nightwish....Hopefully that day won't come for me and you, though, :)
    take care

  2. I haven't had a CD I've been extremely excited for, but I am a bit of a fanatic for a manga series called Pandora Hearts... It's a good one.

    Have fun reading those mental hospital books. =}
    And ironically, my word verification thing is "catening."

    - Nicholas