Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: If Your WIP was a song...

Quick Update: I think this is the first "Road Trip Wednesday" I've ever done, from the popular "YA HIGHWAY" site. Awesomeness.

Song Stuck In My Head: No Doubt's "Just a Girl". No idea why.

For anyone who knows the "YA HIGHWAY" blog, awesome! Good luck to you. If not, it's basically this writers' blog (mostly female writers, but whatever) who focus on writing YA fiction. Contemporary. Paranormal. You got it! Their guest writers include young writers already published (their books "The Duff" or "Like Mandarin" are really popular) as well as up-and-coming young and older ones. Pretty cool site.

Anyhow, anyone is welcome to respond in a blog post to a question on Wednesday. I decided to do that today since, well, I kinda do already!

This week's question...

If your WIP or favorite book were music, what song(s) would it be?

Easy answer! SICK PUPPIES, and their rocker, guitar-feedback heavy track "ISSUES" of course!

If anyone wants to join in, knock yourself out!

I'll talk to you all on Friday!


  1. Welcome to the Road Trip! I love RTW! I've never heard of Sick Puppies, but from your comment on YA Highway, I can see why it would perfectly fit your WIP!

  2. (sits staring at the screen for five minutes and then decides to risk looking dumb and just ask) What's WIP???