Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Shows: The Bad

Quick Update: I've been listening to a lot more electronic dance music...just the pop stuff, but still. It worries me. Anyhow, happy fourth everyone and NEW GIRL MINI-MARATHON TONIGHT!
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Well, we're on day three of the Summer Shows So Far series. And we're almost getting to the rock bottom of the new and returning shows of summer on the major networks. Let's get to the "bad".

Dogs In the City.
Wednesdays 8/7pm on CBS.

I haven’t really watched this show, but it’s just another example of an odd premise. In very Dog-Whisperer fashion, "dog guru" John Silver goes around helping out owners and their pets. There’s not much that’s original about it, except the not-that-funny episode names (this week: "Give Me the Drool") and the setting. And if you can’t guess the setting, read the title again. Got it? Good. Now have a treat, you deserve it.

If you've read the title, then hopefully that’s all you really need to know about the show and you won’t have to waste time watching it. But if you're interested in dogs and want a laid-back show to watch, go right ahead. We won't judge you. Unlike on our second "bad" show....

So You Think You Can Dance
Wednesdays 8/7pm on FOX.

While I haven’t watched much (okay, any) of this season, I’m sure it’s already had a good share of injuries, jokes among the judges, and flexible and beautiful moves we wish we could pull off.

Of course it’s as average as always, but we do have to salute the show for also getting rid of a TV night dedicated to just results show. A painful, ratings-desperate hour of waiting for one single moment is a tradition in talent reality shows that we need to stop. Now.

Thursdays at 8/7pm on ABC.

Okay, as you might have expected, everyone's favorite competition show is as painful and hard to watch as always. While I love the hosts' quick-fire jokes, there's only so many times you can see a guy smash into a punching fist or a girl scream as she falls of a giant, red ball.

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Still, the show's entertained us every summer and winter whether we like it or not. And after a corny "Beauties vs. Geeks" episode, maybe there might be a chance in the horizon.

Well, that’s it for today. Tune in Friday for the UGLY. That's right. Goodnight and (in a true, Wipeout sendoff) big balls.

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