Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Shows: The Ugly

Quick Update: There is some weird people at public libraries sometimes. Weird, weird people.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Lights" by Ellie Goulding. Another dance song. Judge me.

It's time guys. Hide your remotes. Cover your children's eyes. Disconnect your TV cable. We're at the "ugly" shows for Summer Shows So Far week.

Choice and Take Me Out.
Thursdays at 8/7pm on FOX.

There is nothing I really have to say about these shows other than they’re two dating shows, by Fox, that use B-list celebrities and crude pick-up lines to lower our IQ’s and remind us why we hated dating shows in the first place. And sadly enough, it's been called the best dating show in a long time. Which might be true.

While it is neat to see people like Pauly D or Rob Kardashian play around, it’s also at the price of seeing people choose dates based on appearance and sexual appeal alone. It’s self-esteem genocide. The show "The Choice" also hilariously rips off the "Voice" but that's its most redeeming quality. Which isn't a good thing.

But as Fox decided not to play reruns of wildly popular shows like New Girl and Glee, while devoting two nights to Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, it’s all we get. Congrats.

Breaking Pointe.
Who knows. They change the time a lot and play reruns a lot, but Monday or Thursday on the CW.

So apparently this is a reality show that takes place in a small dancing company. If it wasn’t for its dark and cinematic atmosphere, and the fact that there is already Bunheads, it would be a show more for Lifetime or ABC Family. Cheesy plotlines, no characters to latch onto, the overplayed drama.

However, it has the occasional moment where it comes off as a good reality show with interesting points of view. Occasional.

Well, folks, here we are. We are at the end of our saga. Now you can enjoy (or not enjoy, or just plain avoid) summer shows. Have you seen any of the shows mentioned? Do you maybe have a different opinion? And like I asked before, what are some of the shows on major and cable networks that you consider "good", "okay", "bad", and "uggggly"?

Later! :)


  1. ARG!! I was working on the longest reply when my browser decided to act stupid and make me lose everything.
    Rest assured, it was interesting, if unimportant.

    1. Suuuure it was. xD Just kidding. Hey, at least you took the time to comment at all! It's the thought that counts.