Friday, August 3, 2012

British Invasion 2.0

Quick Update: Well, I’ll be back at school next week. Yay. (And that, my friends, would be sarcasm.)

Song Stuck in My Head: “Settle Down” by No Doubt. The people at my local Top 40 station are apparently huge ND fans, because it’s been sort of No Doubt’s greatest hits for a few weeks now.

While most of the world is in London watching athletic superhumans (er, Olympians) compete against each other, it seems like some of our English friends have been invading the states this past year. From boy bands to comedians to TV shows, America has yet another British invasion happening as we speak. So what’s some of the best we’ve seen come from it so far?

1. One Direction: The boy band you pretend isn’t catchy.

2. The Wanted: The boy band you pretend isn’t hot.

3.  Pudsey the Dog, winner of Britain's Got Talent: That dog is adorable. Sure, he won a lot of money for dancing while we all have jobs, but isn’t he adorable?

 4. Richard Ayoade: The new member of the comedy-rat-pack over here in the states, thanks to his alien-hunting adventures with Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Stiller in the movie "The Watch".

5. Simon Amstell: The awkward comedian who is JESSE EISENBURG’S AND MICHAEL CERA'S LOVE CHILD. Really! Look at him! Screenwriters everywhere, put these three together in a movie and you will have socially awkward movie GOLD.

6. Andrew Garfield: The star of The Amazing Spiderman, now the thick-eyebrowed, nerdy-yet-oh-so-hot star of our hearts. And the accent isn’t even that obvious!

7. Russell Brand: After his divorce from Katy Perry, it seemed like this raunchy man might vanish into infamy - until he got a show on FX.

8. Sophia Grace and Rosie: They rapped and screamed and danced into Youtube stardom, but thanks to Ellen Degeneres are now the two most adored Brits of daytime television. Pink tutus for everyone.

9. Actually, now that we think of it… Adele, Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence + the Machine, etc. Britain hasn’t been too stingy with its female singers the past year or two. Thanks guys!


10. Daniel Radcliffe. First he was here in the states to perform in plays. But then, very slowly, Mr. Radcliffe started showing up more and more in American pop culture - Saturday Night Live, guest-hosting on Live With Kelly, doing a voiceover on the Simpsons. Now that he’s signed to do a movie in the states, "Kill Your Darlings", it’s official. AMERICA OWNS HARRY POTTER! USA! USA! USA!!!

Ahem. Are they any British people and pop culture blowing up in the states right now that you particularly enjoy?


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