Friday, October 12, 2012

Get Your Remotes Ready: CW Day

So far on SSF, we’ve talked about the new shows on all the four major networks, even some of the returning ones to watch out for. It’s time for the last, and sometimes least, network: the CW. 


Arrow: You remember Green Arrow right? Maybe you know him as the snarky Oliver Queen on the CW’s hit Smallville, who played both a friend and rival to young Superman. Maybe you know him as Ryan Reynolds in the lackluster 2011 movie. Or maybe you know him as the comic book character who, according to D.C., has been declared their first (openly) gay comic book hero. 

Well, the CW’s new Arrow is none of those guys. Oliver is a millionaire who had been stranded on an island for much too long, and comes back with new strengths, powers, and vengeance. And his weapon of choice? Um…guess.

Emily Owens M.D.: Riding the success of its first doctor show, the sweet comedy Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson, the CW tries out another medical comedy. This time it’s about the outrageously awkward Emily Owens, someone whose social insecurities are almost crippling. If it wasn’t for the fact that she went though eight years of school to get where she is now, Emily Owens would clearly be a shell of a human. It’s hard to see this show really take off, but with Emily’s crazy thought process and the added irony of her high school bully being her co-worker, it might be worth a watch or two.
Beauty and the Beast: If you’ve seen any of the glimpses of promos of this new romantic drama, then you’ve probably already figured out that the CW’s Beauty and the Beast is a far cry from Disney’s yellow dresses, singing teacups, and roses. 

“Beauty” is a young, attractive woman working as a detective. And “Beast” is a young man who saves her life more than once, but can’t be with her because of that whole turns-into-a-monster problem he has (thanks to the government of course). Will star-crossed love conquer all - even hairy, scary, monster faces? (Okay, so technically there isn't a "romance" to speak of yet, but it's pretty obvious that's next). Only time can tell.

Returning favorites:

Gossip Girl: After finally reading the book series this summer (and realizing how the show and series have nothing in common except the character names) I can honestly say I will miss this show. Why? Well, it’s the final season of everyone’s favorite show about over-privileged, naughty young adults living on Fifth Avenue. Only one more season of wondering if Chuck and Blair will last, will "Gossip Girl" (a.k.a. Michelle Trachtenberg, as we know now) reveal herself, and if Serena Van Der Woodsen will ever be happy. Get the popcorn and tissues ready.

Vampire Diaries: Okay, catch me up I missed last season…what? WHAT? Elena actually started falling for Damon (geez, took you long enough. Ian Somerhalder not good enough for you or something?). And what? She chose his brother Stefan in the end anyways? BUT WHAT!? After her brother nearly died, she gave her own life instead, so Elena ended up being made a vampire? Oh heavens no….

Well, CW, we wish you good luck. And if you fail this time around, at least we have those awesome-looking shows mid-season to look forward to, like The Cult or The Carrie Diaries. For now, just work on giving Britt Robertson a new show (no more Life, Unexpected and no more The Secret Circle, gotta do something) or the LA Complex a new season. Trust me, you will not regret it.


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