Friday, November 16, 2012

Other Twilight Hotties: We Remember

It's the end of Twihard week here at SSF. While I've yet to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 I can assure you that half the girls in my English and journalism class were more than willing to tell me about the "vision" scene that scared everybody to death. Anyhow.

Today we're going to talk about the GUYS of Twilight. Forget Edward and Jacob. Even forget Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. We don't care about those dudes right now.

After all...there are a LOT of males in the Twilight movie series. Let's review the top ones.

Lee Pace as Garrett (in Breaking Dawn Pt. 2): One of the newer vampires called in on back-up. For a rogue, ancient vampire, he isn't too bad looking.

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle (in all movies): Vampire dad is pretty strange looking when he's pale and blonde, but once you remove the makeup...

Yeah. That.

Cameron Bright as Alec (in New Moon, Eclipse, BD Pt. 2): The youngest Volturi, also that evil Jane girl's sister. Doesn't have much of a role but at least he's nice to look at.

Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call (in New Moon, Eclipse, BD Pt. 1 and 2): One of the more forgotten "werewolves" but an attractive one all the same.

Charlie Brewley as Demetri (in New Moon, Eclipse, BD Pt. 2): Another member of the Volturi, this time one of the attendants who's most known for fighting and not for standing by. Though Charlie's character may not be the most attractive vampire, in real life he is pretty gorgeous.

Xavier Samuel as Riley (Eclipse): The motherlode. Though he was a "newborn" vampire and got killed at the end of Eclipse, his scenes were memorable if only because of HIM. I mean, LOOK AT HIM.

Understand now?

Okay. That's it. You can all go home and start preparing for the Hobbit or the new Hunger Games movie.



  1. Hey, what happened to my comment? Oh well, maybe I forgot to publish it.
    Anyway, Peter Facinelli....just wow. lol
    I never actually watched Hunger Games. Would you recommend it?
    As for the Hobbit, the book was so fun, and I can't wait for the movie.
    Take care

    1. Haha. That happens.

      Would definitely recommend Hunger Games. Just sayin'. :) It might be a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but at least if you do it now nobody will notice.