Monday, December 3, 2012

Imagining Dragons (Not Unicorns. Not Fairies. Dragons).

It's time for SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD, the (really brand new) song posts that will now happen every Monday. Maybe.

Song stuck in my head today... Lots of Imagine Dragons. Nothing in particular.

Genre: Alt. Rock/Acoustic/Rock Pop (also what I call Dyna-Pop).

Why It's Stuck in My Head: So I'm the anti-hipster. Sorta. Instead of trying to get into "cool" stuff before they are popular, I'm lazy and take forever to be a fan of something even after it has already been established as "legit". In this case, it's Imagine Dragons.

Why. It. ROCKS: Shiny and new to the alt. rock/pop scene, Imagine Dragons may not breathe fire but they have one unique ability. With a snap of their fingers, ID can go from folksy, acoustic guitar-playing and hand-clapping sentimentals (see It's Time) to more techno-esque dramatic rockers ala 30 Seconds to Mars or Muse (see Lost Cause). One good example of this is the song "Radioactive", which begins with that smoothness of a coffee shop jam before it starts droppin' the beat. (And yes. I said "droppin'").

Fun Fact: Commercials love Imagine Dragons. In fact, there's a high chance you've already heard them. They've been in commercials for Windows 8, Assassin's Creed, movie and TV show previews, car and furniture commercials.



  1. I never heard of Imagine Dragons...but I like Alternative rock so I'll download them...
    Reading on wikipedia "Trailers for feature films including The Perks of Being a Wallflower....."
    Okay, now I have to download their stuff. Have you seen that movie? I read and loved the book. Made me cry, lol. Hope the movie lives up to it.

    Have you tried to figure out what the anagram is? I'm gonna be mulling over that for a while...

    take care

    1. Aggggh. It's like I forget how to blog/comment. Anyhow, I haven't seen the movie but the book made me feel a ton of emotion, so that counts. :) And anagram? O.o