Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inceptionnnnn! (Rec of the Week post)

Quick Update: Drafted this during Friday’s school pep assembly - which I skipped - to eventually not even type it up until Monday night. Oh well. Procrastinators live for the future.

Song Stuck In My Head: Limp Bizkit’s version of “Behind Blue Eyes” by the Who. For a band full of angst-ridden, half-rappers/half-rockers, their cover of the Who was incredibly emotional.

Heeey guys, hope you’re doing above average. So let’s just pretend it’s last Friday, and this blog post was typed up in time. Sound good?

There are various things I love in the world. Many things. Kittens. Goldfish crackers. Diablo Cody. Spoof movies. Skirts with pockets. If I had to make a list the best things in the world, somewhere on that list would be actor Leonardo DiCaprio (also known as “king of the world!”); actress Ellen Page (Juno, Hard Candy, Juno, The Tracey Fragments, Juno, Whip It!, JUNO!); and anything dealing with dreams and nightmares (mostly because they’re something a lot of my writing gravitates around).


Inception definitely deserves the Oscar nod it recently received, and I’m hoping it gets more than a nod. Christopher Nolan, the creator of this masterpiece, gave us an actual film. A movie with an unexpected but incredibly realistic world. Scarred and three-dimensional characters. A mission that goes from simple to complex and could be deadly for many people if it doesn’t end well.

Even better, Inception is one of those rare, modern films that delivered the “oohs” and “aahs” the classics always gave us. It didn’t remake an old film or plot, or rely on special effects. Even more noticeably, it didn’t weight itself down with forced modern lingo and pop culture references galore. After all, those are the easiest way to give a film - or any story - an expiration date.

Best of all, never-won-an-Oscar Leo definitely made the whole professional acting look like a natural instinct. He prevailed in this film. And his supporting cast - including the lovely, aforementioned Ellen Page - fit flawlessly into each role. If you’ve yet to see Inception, then be sure to change that in time for the actual Oscars so you’ll be rooting for it too. Inception definitely could pull of being the best movie of the year…well, it and the lasts Harry Potter installment. Oh, was that good….

Okay, now off to see if I’m in the mood for math homework again. Hopefully talk to you later this week. Until then, be good! And also please don’t catch acute bronchitis, as I did last week. It’s rather horrible.