Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get Your Remotes Ready: CBS Day

It's part two of SSF’s Fall TV Line-Up special. Today we tackle the shows on CBS.

Okay, so CBS’s older audience basically has ultimate control over ratings so, unsurprisingly, CBS doesn’t have a whole crop of new shows to offer. After all, why fix what's as far from broken as possible? What can we expect though?

PARTNERS: So far this seems like a Will & Grace spin-off mixed with Rules of Engagement’s flair. But if you find out more about this show, you might like what you see. It’s about a masculine enough, heterosexual guy whose best friend growing up is more on the effeminate side. However, the two work together now and manage to help each other out in their rocky love lives anyways. Will the relationship dynamic be enough to keep us watching? We’ll just have to find out.

ELEMENTARY: Sherlock Holmes…like you’ve never seen him before! Yep, just in case the British drama or even Robert Downey Jr.’s version of the detective wasn’t good enough for you (Robert Downey Jr? Really?) then CBS has you covered. They give the character a dramatic, crime show feel. Even better: their “Dr. Watson” is *drum roll* female, Asian American Lucy Liau. Here’s to getting farther away from the 50’s every single day!

MADE IN JERSEY: While true New Jersey-ians might be peeved that the star of this show isn’t really “made” in NJ and that she’d hated having to make her hair so big, they can appreciate her character. Janet Montgomery plays a lawyer from you-know-where whose, ah, uniqueness helps her when it comes to cases and life in general. Is it a crime show? Is it at comedy? You’ll have to see.

VEGAS: We got us some Dennis Quaid, some Michael Chiklis, some mobsters, and now add in the retro Vegas setting and...BAM. The masculine show of fall, I do believe.

Old favorites to watch?

THE BIG BANG THEORY: This show is in its ratings prime right now, which means mega-guest stars and juicy story writing. Enjoy it while you can. It’ll also be interesting to watch Jim Parsons as the lovably pretentious Sheldon considering his quick, painless coming out this summer. Further proof that gay actors will probably take up every screen.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: If you saw my philosophical predictions post about HIMYM’s eighth season, then you already know that I truly, truly believe this is the season we FINALLY meet Mrs. Ted Mosby. The clues add up. The scenery is right. It’s all ready to go down. Until then, we can also look forward to the HIMYM songs compilation album CBS is making. Robin Sparkles better be present.

Later. Tomorrow, by the way, is ABC DAY! (yay...)

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