Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Your Remotes Ready: NBC Day

Part one of SSF’s Fall TV Line-Up special. Click-eth here for more info. Today we tackle the NBC shows.

What shows are premiering/re-appearing on everyone’s favorite peacock (no, Katy Perry, no puns) network this fall? Let’s see.

THE VOICE. Oh yes, you have seen the dramatic commercials of Christina, Adam, Cee Lo, and Blake all jumping in slow emotion to hit the red button. But is the hype worth it? While it seems like every other singing show is undergoing major plastic surgery, The Voice has only added a couple new “mentors” to its current approach. It’s no Britney Spears…but hey, The Voice has always been about the talent first, as little gimmicks as possible and *yawnnn*. Sorry, that was America’s attention span shortening. (Already premiered, Monday/Tuesday nights)

NEW NORMAL. Okay, I will continue tuning into this. From the “creator of Glee” (who I assume is extremely pro-gay rights) we get a cutesy show about a sweet girl with a young daughter and “bigot” mother (I quote the young daughter) who decides to help out a young Cam/Mitchell-esque male couple have a child. Her reasoning? She wants a whole-hearted, complete family. It seems sugary sweet. Can we just make sure Republicans don’t know about this show? I can hear the rants already. (Already premiered, Tuesday nights)

REVOLUTION: It’s an end-of-the-world adventure where the world’s power is out and everyone has crossbow and kills each other. Okay, okay, back up: it’s also about a girl who, fifteen years ago when the “black-out” began, learned her father was involved and grew up in a new world, a new life. When said father dies, she goes to find the only family she has left - that is, if no one kills each other first. (Will premiere September 17th...or, you know, today).

CHICAGO FIRE: Um. Okay. So I haven’t seen much about this show, but it has a refreshing number of female firefighters and since my current “top” choice college is in Chicago, I am required to say that it is the number one city in the world and everybody and everyone should watch this show. (Will premiere October 10th)

GO ON: Matthew Perry! Group therapy! Community-like randomness! A girl who’s crazy about her dead cat! Everybody Hates Chris! Sure a lot of critics have ranted about its expiration date of a premise (group therapy typically only lasts a few weeks, guys) but the characters are quirky, dialogue snarky, camera angles fuzzy, and emotions heavy. If you can deal with seeing Chandler Bing as a confident sports journalist instead of a self-deprecating underdog of the group, then watch. (Already premiered, Tuesday nights)

ANIMAL HOSPITAL: Based on the pilot, I don’t see this “doctor” show becoming the next ER, especially with legitimate hospital shows appearing on other networks. But why not watch, if only to see the world’s most talented monkey and all his…well, monkey business. But I’m serious. This monkey is in everything. IMDB him. (Premieres September 26th).

GUYS WITH KIDS: Well, in case you need a sitcom about grown men who handle the challenge of "parenthood" like you go. (Already premiered, Wednesdays)

SNL…WITHOUT KRISTIN WIIG AND ANDY SAMBERG. Okay, sure, we have Saturday Night Live’s primetime election coverage to look forward, and they have a lot of Mitt Romney jokes to get out of their system…but no Kristin Wiig? No Andy Samberg? I just…I-I just can’t, man. I just can’t. (Already premiered, and Saturday nights of course!)

Whattaya think of the NBC line-up? What will you for sure be watching or avoiding?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I honestly haven't heard too many things about any of these shows, but since they will all record anyways with my Hopper's PrimeTime Anytime feature, I will eventually get around to at least checking out a few of them. I am an animal lover, so I guess Animal Hospital is the one I'm most looking forward to. That's pretty depressing about Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg huh? I didn't believe it to be true when my coworker at DISH told me they'd be leaving! I just don't think SNL will be the same without them. I guess only time will tell. :)

    1. Of course! Thank you for reading, really. And I haven't heard of that feature, sounds rather legit. You should try out Animal Hospital for sure, you will definitely get your share of animals. And the first episode of Kristin Wiig and Andy Samberg did feel somewhat lacking. I have to admit though: Jay Pharaoh as President Obama wasn't too horrible! Again, thanks for stopping by. :D