Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Your Remotes/DVR's Ready: ABC Day

Part three of SSF’s Fall TV Line-Up special. Need to know more? Go here. Otherwise, let’s get to the shows on ABC.

THE NEIGHBORS: It’s been a while since we’d had a sci-fi themed family show (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids anyone?) but the time is right. And I mean time as in time slot - ABC conveniently placed it among its other menagerie of family shows, so it just feels right. As right as clone-esque and possibly cannibalistic aliens can feel, of course. Will premiere September 26th.

666 PARK AVENUE: After a young, attractive couple’s job leads them to a mystic, beautiful penthouse in New York City, they quickly get in over their heads. The owner of the building and his wife are an older but powerful couple played by Terry O' Quinn and Vanessa Williams. Their new home hides fantastical and seductive secrets. And…that’s all I know. Hopefully what’s so magical about this building will be revealed in the pilot. Will premiere September 30th.


LAST RESORT: While I wish this show wasn’t coming out during both an election year annnd now a year where Libya is turning our war in the middle east inside out, this show still does have an important theme. After some Navy Seals at sea refuse to do a mission for the US government, something immoral we could only guess, the government decides to take them out. And there is no way they are going down without a fight - not against their own country of birth. Will premiere September 27th.

KATIE: Katie Couric jumps on the talk show bandwagon, and whether you’re a fan of her excessively sugary, bubbly personality or not, you can appreciate that her years in journalism gave her a lot of connections. Already Katie has talked to everyone from Demi Lovato to author of 50 Shades of Grey. Matt Lauer's already made an appearance. And we’re only getting started. Already premiered, watch at 4-3 pm central each weekday.

NASHVILLE: It’s the darker side of sweet country music. An older singer nearing the end of her glory days suddenly gets a wake-up call when a young, new starlet Juliette Barns (Hayden Panetierre) becomes the new talk of town, and suddenly there just isn’t room for Rayna James (Connie Britton) anymore. There’s lots of secrets, horrible people, life-changing decisions, and staring at rain clouds (at least in the commercials). Will premiere October 10th.

As for the returning shows…

ONCE UPON A TIME: Storybrooke’s curse is broken and both the fairytale characters’ identities and magic return to them. I don’t care what goes down, but I hope there is more awesome CGI dragons.

MODERN FAMILY: Sofia Vergara is pregnant, with 1002-year old (give or take) ex-Al Bundy Ed O'Niell as the aging father. Should be fun.

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