Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yep, I Saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, And...

Quick Update: Um..okay, all blog posts have been postponed until now due to A) lack of internet, B) lack of connected keyboard, and C) my own procrastination. Hope no one is too displeased.

So, the theater is dark. A preview for Charlie St. Cloud plays (and doesn't look too bad), my female parental is quickly outside taking one last smoke of her cigarette, butter is pretty much pasted on my fingers, and I'm up at one o'clock in the morning to watch some romantic film called the Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Is it worth it?

...Hell yes.

Okay, so you could say this is a biased review. I mean, there's the fact that I've been part of the fandom since the first flick came out, that I'm a teenage girl, or the blueprints I have of Robert Pattinson's house (totally joking on that last part). But aren't the haters also biased? If they disliked the previous movies, there's a weight that carries onto this film. So maybe a positive review would be nice, eh?

First off, David Slade is brilliant. I only saw a half hour of 30 Days of Night (grrr, had no choice, it was on TV) but there are a couple music videos of his that I love (Stone Temple Pilot's SOUR GIRL and AFI's GIRL'S NOT GREY, to be exact). He did an above average job at bringing a more vampire-ish atmosphere and horror elements to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Scenes - like the opening clip of newborn Riley writhing in agony on the harbor, or the fighting scene in which the Cullens and werewolf pack snap heads clear off the enemy - would have scared original director Catharine Hardwicke silly.

Isn't the Twilight Saga: Eclipse's Xavier Samuel (as Riley) fine? *cough* Um, back to the review.

I personally love how Slade gave the actors more leniency. It's brutal honesty, but in the first two movies characters were pretty one-dimensional and emotionless. Maybe Stephanie Meyer's writing style isn't flawless, but she had at least managed to create more fleshed-out characters (whether Bella is a "Mary Sue" character or not, she did have a sarcastic point-of-view sometimes, and tended to be scared easily, for instance). Robert definitely got in more time to be a rough, protective vampire (see scene below, between Edward and Jacob after Jacob steals a smooch from Bella). If anything, it was Taylor who lacked as much flavor in his one-liner deliveries, as funny as they were. Here is where Edward threatens Jacob (video is not mine):

My favorite part of this third installment was definitely the back stories, and how they played out on-screen. Eclipse is my favorite book in the series, mostly for this same reason. There are chapters that focus just on the histories of Rosalie, Jasper, and the werewolves as a whole. And while not every detail made it in, the dramatics were amazing. We got to see Rosalie take her ironic bride's revenge out on her fiance, Jasper kill newborns for Maria and how much it pained him, and the "cold ones" when they first conflicted with the "spirit warriors".

Heehee, my first funny image of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Captions are pretty cheap though.

That said, it has its flaws. Kristin doesn't get Bella's torn feelings across that well. Not that we have enough time to see her go back and forth between Edward and Jake (though a part where Edward makes a show his kissing abilities with Bella when the dog's watching). And a lot of the funnier parts seemed to have too much intensity with them. Take the scene embed earlier; in the book, it's a funny and ironic one. Jacob immaturely kissed Bella, and she got pissed in a way only a teen girl could. and there was a string of insults that followed as she had Edward pick her up. And yeah, he got protective, but he also had a funny, CALM monologue about what he'd to Jacob should he ever harm Bella again.

This post is starting to get too long, so I'll put the review to a halt for now. Tune in tomorrow (and yes, I promise tomorrow there shall be a post!) for more pros and cons on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ! For now, other blog posts are waiting to be read!

Oh, and a major thanks to my new followers. I don't now how to repay the fact, except for following you back! :) Hope people reading this enjoyed!

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