Monday, June 7, 2010

*RANDOM* Loony Lovegood

Quick Update: Recent outbreak of bug bites finally healing. They weren't kiddin when they said "don't let the bed bugs bite...or reproduce eerily under your mattress..."

So, Monday blog posts will revolve around...well, let's go ahead and say ANYTHING.

What about those fictional characters, eh? We all have our favorites. Guy geeks idolize a hobbit's every move, and girls fawn over sparkly, de-bloused immortals. Made-up people are just likeable. If your best friend suddenly starting eating humans alive and then asked for mercy, you'd forget them. If Hannibel Lector started eating humans alive and then asked for mercy, you'd curiously listen to his story. It just happens.

Personally, my favorite fictional character of all time is LUNA LOVEGOOD, via J.K. Rowling's legendary Harry Potter books.

Readers recognize Luna as the odd, anti-conspiracist yet clever Ravenclaw student, who tends to wear necklaces of cork caps and talk about things that just aren't there. Movie-goers kind of know her as Evanna Lynch's blonde, airy-voiced character, with a dead mother and MIA shoes, for reasons beyond us.

J.K Rowling is obviously known for her characterization. They're all different, with personalities and backstories that could probably make J.K wealthy for three lifetimes if she were to publisht hem. You can rely on Hermione for book smarts, the twins for rebellious trouble-making, Snape for, scaring tactics. Luna was sadly a bit player, but whenever she did come to bat, it was for something big. In HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, her words helped Harry accept the truth of people dying and moving on. In HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE, she accompanied Harry to a party, allowing him to overhear a certain converse there. And of course in the final book, she was held hostage. That's sort of major.

She was a character that everyone felt sympathy for though. How dare those Hogwarts students tease her, steal her shoes, and leave her convinced she's friendless because she believes every fairy-tale her father writes in the newspaper? Her mother died when she nine for crying out loud! Luna's also likeable, and looking out for people, especially Harry and Ginny.

Kudos to J.K, and kudos to Luna "Loony" Lovegood!


  1. She was my most favorite character from the Harry Potter series as well, oddly enough. I probably just relate to her a little too well, but she was also funny--which is always a plus.
    The lion hat was also pretty epic.

  2. Thanks for commenting! You wouldn't expect her to be the most easy-to-relate to, but she's so unorthodox and lonely that it ends up being easy.

    And I definitely agree with the lion hat. ;)