Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome Contest for Fellow Bookworms

Quick Update: Listening to a few of the songs of the Almost Alice CD. It's the best non-soundtrack, movie soundtrack ever made.

So, while I get together a bunch of interesting stuff to write about when it comes to werewolves and the Twilight Saga movies, I found a few contests via Twitter. Here is one!

Pretty much, she's giving away these four, amazing-looking YA books. Which books might these be, do you ask?

In HARMONIC FEEDBACK, a girl with some psychological problems (no better character flaws!) befriends a couple others who, for the first time, don't treat her like a mental case. With the trio's musicial talents and need to express themselves through it, they form a band...but not without consequences. Buy it here at:

In GIVE UP THE GHOST, there's another teenage girl, only she has some paranormal talent. She talks to ghosts. Instead of using it for good like Jennifer Love Hewitt, she instead uses them to get the dirty gossip on the popular kids that made her an outcast. However, when one comes to her for help with the dead, her talent backfires. Get it here at

Prize three, BALLADS OF SUBURBIA, is the tale of a third teen girl, who, after a series of events involving heroin overdoses, heartless boyfriends, cutting, and your typical family problems, is ready to get her experience out. And here's the link...

Lastly, THE DEATHDAY LETTER, a book recently released, is the story of a world where everyone receives a friendly letter twenty-four hours before they die warning of them of what's going to happen tomorrow. So Ollie, who happens to get one of these, decides to do the one thing he's yet to accomplish: get the girl. And insert the Amazon

That is all. They all seem pretty cool, so I guess have to cross my fingers now, eh?

I'll promise I'll write a kickass Twilight post tonight though, so hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. :) Bye, off to watch Youtube videos and finish entering the contest!

P.S. Sorry about the whole "Take a Look Inside" part of the pictures...I'm sort of horrible at copy-and-pasting sometimes. :(

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