Friday, June 18, 2010

TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE #1 - The Maniacal Volturi

Quick Update: My friend and I went in hysterics during a late-night (midnight-ish, and hey, we're teenagers, we're allowed) after a fan video she made for one of the stars for Twilight was re-tweeted by the celebrity himself. So, inspiration struck!


What do you automatically think of when I say that? You have four options:

A) Wha-what! But I do believe it's still early afternoon!
C) Ick. Really? Are we going to talk about this? F*** YOU!
D) Eh. Whatever. Not sure how I got here anyways... *quickly erases any searches for Robert Pattinson shirtless on Google History*

Okay, mostly Twilight brings to mind the subtle-plotted, somewhat dramactic blockbuster series (both book and movie series) about some bookish chick who has the hots for an immortal. However, as a fangirl there are two details about this mega-hit that I do like...1) awesome soundtrack/score songs, especially Paramore's "DECODE", some Muse songs, and Carter Burwell piano ballads to make us seem all "sophisticated". And 2) ATTRACTIVE MALES! (For a small note, people whose reaction was choice A or C will probably snort and/or make some noise of disgust at this).

For further reference, yes, I do find something appealing in those "ugly, hairy morsels" that "call themselves actors", should you be some hater. Now that we got that out of the way, let's focus on a particular breed among them...THE VOLTURI.

Okay, let's have a hasty review for those not in-the-know: the Volturi, in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, are the evil, red-eyed rulers of their kind that judge too harshly and make decisions that never really seem to better anyone (sounds like our governement - hey, who said that!...) They'd brought into the storyline after Edward (you know, Robert Pattinson, 108-year old virgin vampire, get out from under that rock you're under before you suffocate!) decides to kick his own bucket when he believes Bella (I'm not going to explain this anymore, just Google it for crying out loud) is dead. After all, only vampires can kill other vampires (except for werewolves, but totally another story) and it's not like Edward can politely ask his brothers and sisters "Oh, my ex-girlfriend who I said I'd forget is probably dead, so can one of you please, please kill me so I don't have to suffer?". Yeah, not going to happen. So, his next choice is the Volturi - break one, itty bitty rule and they come running with fangs ready. See here in one of the small cips from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, featuring a minority of the Volturi.

To cast the Volturi, however, they brought in a wider variety of thespians to play the parts, everything from Sweeney Todd actors to child-stars-made-A-Listers. Here are the four Volturi we'll get to see in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. All the quotes from the books are thanks to Twilighters Anonymous, since for some stupid reason I left my Twilight books at home before I came to Tucson for summer vaca. :(

DANIEL CUDMORE as FELIX. Felix is somewhat of a body-guard for the Volturi. Strong, gigantic, angry, that sort of thing. What are some other movies that you can find him in? Small parts in ARE WE THERE YET?, DRIVEN TO KILL, and ICARUS, as well as a bigger role in X-MAN: THE LAST STAND as both Peter Rasputin and Colossus.

DAKOTA FANNING as JANE. Her character is an evil, little girl, who has this creepy ability to cause extreme, mental pain with her super-duper vampire powers. She does so on Edward around the end of the Twilight Saga: New Moon. Dakota's been in way too many movies for her own good; some of her most recent work is THE RUNAWAYS, CORALINE, PUSH, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, FRAGMENTS, and CUTLASS. Those are the ones where she'll be nearest to her actual age - sixteen.

CAMERON BRIGHT as ALEC. As Jane's evil twin, he has demonic abilities of his own, only they're physical, as he can blind enemies instead of torture them. To see more of Cameron Bright, check his moderate and minor roles in flicks like AN AMERICAN AFFAIR, X-MAN: THE LAST STAND (with his castmate Daniel), and THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. He also had a small role in one of my favorites, JUNO. Sorry. Just had to include that. :)

CHARLIE BREWLEY as DEMETRI. A.K.A, the blonde hunk who caused our ruckus on Twitter last night. Demetri (who in the picture is holding back petite Alice, or Ashley Green) is another body-guard sort of character, only he has an ability of his own: tracking. As in, once he catches your scent, he can follow you like a dog wherever you may go. Charlie hasn't had much of a resume (according to my friend, he's been in a couple movies like Ectasy) but his Twilight Saga role has already changed things.

Really, I'd planned on doing just the Volturi in the Eclipse movie, so perhaps I should stop now, as this blog is already a bit lengthy. However, my schedule has changed a bit - stay tuned to SOME SCREAMING FANGIRL DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM for a whole string of blogs until the day THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is released! I'm sure I can find more things to talk about when it comes to this amazing series in less than two weeks' time!

So, tuning out now! Be sure to read the next couple of weeks for other Twilight-related blog posts.

Here's my friend's fan video for Charlie Brewley:


  1. OHH YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Daniel Cudmore is from my hometown! His dad is a doctor, and he treated me in the ER the other day xD

  3. @ Becca. C - Really? I find that rather amazing! xD It'd probably be a perfect opportunity to bug him with questions.

  4. Hahah I was too busy being in pain xD But yeah, and my mom is friends with his mom, Lois. Too bad I've never met him! He's too busy being awesome to hang around his hometown, lol!

  5. Demetri's power is so stupid. I know exactly how to survive the Volturi if I was ever captured. >:)