Monday, June 14, 2010

"IF I HAD YOU"... Oh, Wait, You're Gay!

Quick Update: After waiting a couple eons for my female parental to kick some, Kid-Rock-loving loser off our only computer, I found an email from my BFF with a link to Adam Lambert's new music video premiere. Time to discuss (and to post the video in this blog entry, of course)

So, Monday blog posts will revolve around...well, let's go ahead and say ANYTHING.

Welcome, strangers, welcome. Today is nice day for all fangirls obsessed with gay guys.... What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm sure that the name Adam Lambert is well-known by now Say it and half the girl population will scream *cough*. Say it and uptight, Southern folk will growl cuss words to voice their distaste. Why? Because the attractive American Idol runner-up - with vocals that reach those notes that only dogs can hear, probably - happens to like boys.

Should you go on Youtube and watch any performance and/or music video of Lambert's, yeah, you're bound to see a million comments debating about this fact. Personally, I don't see what is so wrong with it. If anyone had been paying attention to our media for the past - oh, century or so - they would have noticed that gay and lesbian entertainment has been something of custom in our media. As an author, I see lots of genres that are just for this (I'm not saying I write it or anything, I'm saying that it's an option). Just look at our media these days! Not only musicians, but actors, TV hosts, models, they're everywhere. As a Christian, I am proud to say that God to tells us to love everybody, no matter who or what they are.

So, for now, as people continue to pretend that our world is still the same as it was when horses were vehicles and taxes weren't horror stories, and people stuck to the opposite sex. Just because he likes makeup doesn't mean that Adam Lambert can't sing like angel, right? And his being angel is fine by me, as long as he doesn't too much glitter on his wings (be subtle, Adam, SUBTLE).

So, here's his newest video for IF I HAD YOU, the third single off his debut album, in all its post-disco dance vibe. P.S. This videos does NOT belong to me, obviously, think more VH1, Adam Lambert, and his record label. Copyright is all theirs.

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Checking out now. Tuning out of blogger and back to rock/pop musician Avril Lavigne, who, thankfully, is perfectly straight (though I'm still wary in her taste of guys - I mean, Brody Jenner? Really?) Do try to tune in for my blogs this weekend about THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE and its cast.

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