Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Review, Pt. Two - Pros and Cons

Quick Update: What a memorable fourth of July I'm having. Female parental and loser boyfriend got in a fight, so I went with said female parental around the block, saw/heard a couple colorful explosions, and then back home it was. Fun. Still, happy Independence day to all, I suppose.

So, as promises, here is the second installment of my opinion on the third installment of the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. (There's a tongue twister).

I decided to go with a overused tactic...PROS AND CONS OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE!

I never fathomed how small/short Kristen Stewart was...

Pro: Scenes like Bella and her mother, Jasper/Rosalie/Quileute stories, Bella's proposition to Edward, and the fight scene between Victoria and Edward were kept rather similar and intact to the original book.

Con: Yes, but scenes like, per say, Edward and Bella's note-passing, Jacob accidentally stabbing his hand and Bella's dangerous "fit", Alice's excitement over the wedding, and Jake ditching Forks at the end...nada.

Pro: Half the movie is not just Bella, Edward, and Jacob competing in emo staring contests *cough* Not that New Moon and Twilight were...

Con: Half the movie was instead spent flipping back and forth between short, cut scenes and never quite focusing on just one. Whatever happened to character and relationship development? romantic....
Pro: Pretty much any scene with the Newborns was friggin' amazing. Such as when they were making a mess with their food, or when their heads turned to dust under the grasp of an enemy.

Con: Er...why exactly did Bella CUT HERSELF in the movie? In the book she was about to, she had a jagged rock ready, but never actually CUT HERSELF. Can we say WRIST-SLITTERS!?

Pro: Werewolves forgot their shirts a lot.

Con: Vampires remembered.

Pro: There was actually a part where Bella expressed emotion (punching Jacob).

Con: didn't exactly last long.... (no offense, Stewart's awesome, just not in the the Twilight Saga).

Pro: Charlie and Jacob's lines had the entire midnight showing audience laughing their intestines out. I.E "And let's face know I'm hotter than you".

Con: Plenty of corny screenwriting as well, enough to fill the bucket of greasy popcorn. I.E "I'm gonna fight for you."

And lastly...

Main Pro: The actors really got a chance to show off their skills. I suppose after their stints with Remember Me and the Runaways, Robert and Kristin at least proved they could act, and were willing to show it off. And, yeah, the fight scene was wicked cool.

Main Con: As always, the atmosphere and screenplay clashed. Honestly, the books are more light and fluffy than dark and full of angst. The first movie was depressing in both screenplay and setting. The second had a light atmosphere...but extremely depressing screenplay. And this movie had the funny screenplay it needed...but there was still some gloomy/angry performances that weren't always necessary. Hint: stop speaking in the monotone every other minute! Much thanks to Robert Pattinson for listening to that for this movie. He was nearly alone though.

Well, hope my opinion angered no one. I still loved this movie, and would recommend it first when deciding which Twilight flick to watch. Sadly, David Slade will not be directing Breaking Dawn *sob* but with Breaking Dawn being split into two films, hopefully the newbie will have common sense to do them right!

Hope you liked this post, and know what to expect of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse if you have yet to see it. Tune in tomorrow for a new post...still not entirely sure of its subject though, actually. Bye!


  1. Main Pro: Xavier Samuel was in the movie.
    Main Con: He died...

  2. I loved the movie, too! I understand what you are saying RE "Yes, but scenes like, per say, Edward and Bella's note-passing, Jacob accidentally stabbing his hand and Bella's dangerous "fit", Alice's excitement over the wedding, and Jake ditching Forks at the end...nada."
    I would have liked to have seen them in also. But I know they cant put everything in so I am ok with it. I feel like they captured the most important things.

    And everyone looked good! I actually liked Jasper's hair in this one. Thank goodness they didn't use those horrid wigs from the first two.