Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blame My Ethernet or (Lack Thereof) Please

Quick Update: Well, this post is technically an update itself, so this part is rather pointless.

Okay, so during the past week I've mostly helped out my female parental prepare for this huge yard sale, and clean up our room due to a nasty bed bug infestation (if I had a camera hooked, I could show you a picture of my arms, the evidence). And that required moving the computer into another room...only somehow her loser boyfriend had messed with the internet too many times. Our ethernet decided to stop working, pretty much.

It is still sorta warped, and Youtube videos takes about a decade to load, but the internet-without-ethernet rather seemed to hate Blogger, Blogspot, and all related things. Which is a pity, too, because I had Monday's WPT post written and ready! Ugh.

Anyways, to my subscribers - new and...well, new (this blog is only an infant after all) - I apologize, and promise an awesome WPT post Monday, as well as the first "Recommendation of the Week" on Wednesday, and who knows what on Friday.

Okay, now to return to Twitter because I missed today's first EVER #UFchat (a chat just about urban fantasy! AND THAT'S WHAT I WRITE!) and neeeed the transcript. ;) Hope all your weeks were swell, and I shall talk to you all on Monday! Unless the computer decides to crash...okay, now that isn't an optimistic thought...

So, to extend my apologies, here are some worthy LOLcatz (since LOLcatz brighten every situation, don't you agree?)

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  1. Lolcats are so funny.
    Sorry to hear about the ethernet, and the bugs. No fun at all...