Friday, July 16, 2010

Let's Talk about Twilight Spoofs

Quick Update: So, you're probably wondering whatever happened to my first Wednesday post...well, that is a long story, involving a huge debate on which musician/movie/book I would talk about first. So, hopefully next week the battle of good and really good will be resolved. On a positive note, I think I learned how to link stuff in my blog...cheers!

For today's random post, let us talk about Twilight spoofs.

That's actually Taylor Swift there as Bella...and Frankenstein as Edward.

Spoofs and parodies, as you should know, are usually movies or small clips that mock a well-known culture icon. They'll highlight the flaws, and add humor to them. Perverted, slapstick, and nonsense humor, sure, but still humor. My favorite would have to be the entire "Scary Movie" series (Anna Faris, who plays the dumb blonde Cindy Campbell in each, happens to be my choice actress). However, what MANY of us have seen lately is spoofs mocking one certain franchise:

The Twilight Saga!

Weirdly enough, I have already talked about this series. But, since I have been hearing about the trailer for the film, "VAMPIRES SUCK" everywhere I go, I thought it would be fun to talk about. If you have no idea what the The Twilight Saga, then I'm surprised. It's sorta...everywhere. If so, whether you like it, hate it, or just don't care, you might enjoy this trailer.

However, not that VAMPIRES SUCK is the first to tackle the issue. Small mentions have gone into other spoofs, such as the prom from the first movie (DANCE FLICK) or just Edward and Bella in the not-so-popular THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN WHO KNOCKED UP SARAH MARSHALL AND FELT SUPERBAD ABOUT IT. Hollywood certainly isn't alone though. So, I have complied a list of my favorite Twilight spoofs/parodies...please note, I happen to be a fan. I just enjoy the humor. Check them out if you have the time!


Movies -
1. Vampires Suck

Television -
1. Saturday Night Live (Firelight, as in, Twilight with Frankensteins)
2. Jimmy Kimmel Show (done by the cast of Jersey Shore)

Books -
2. Nightlight (some of which you can read HERE:

Youtube Videos -
1. EVILIGUANAPRODUCTION have so far spoofed all three of the trailers. Their first spoof, of the original Twilight movie trailer, became so popular that it earned them a chance to also do their version of the Edward vs. James scene.

2. JACKSFILMS is more known for his summaries of the Twilight movies in a minute. Though he wasn't around for the first film, he did have time to parody New Moon and Eclipse. His most popular video will have to be THIS though, which is just a comedic parody of the Eclipse trailer.

3. JCKSPARROW, or "The Hillywood Show" as they go by, have also spoofed the Twilight movies, usually having a dance and music sequence to add to the film. As seen here, they sum up Twilight with Katy Perry's hit "Hot n' Cold".

There are plenty of amateur The Twilight Saga spoof videos on Youtube that would take a few ages to go through. Sometimes they re-act a scene with humorous lines, put a different voice over the actual actors in the trailer, it varies. Heck, there is even a puppet-version or two of the series.

Other spoofs -

I came across this the other week, and if you like LOLcatz, you'll likely find THIS hilarious as well. It is pretty much the entire Eclipse movie in LOLcatz pictures. They have New Moon and Twilight in the archive as well, but they're shorter and do not span over the whole film.

Well, hope you enjoyed the excessively long post and videos. Are there Twilight spoofs you have seen or read that thought are worth reading? How do you feel about the franchise? Thanks everyone for subscribing! Truly appreciate it.


  1. I found this really hilarious:

    Make sure to try out all the choices! It's quite fun.

  2. I love spoofs. The Taylor Swift skit is hilarious.

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I haven't seen these videos before.

  4. Of course, peeps! Thanks for reading! :) And the 8-bit game is hilarious, too, I can't believe I forgot that!