Monday, July 12, 2010


Quick Update: Expect the second segment of "Writing, Publishing, and the Teenager" tonight, brought to you by the song I am listening to now...and if the link does not work, forgive my idiocy with HTML.

So, in the middle of writing my newest post, I had an epiphany...sort of. Okay, it was not nearly as cool as that, but I did think of an official blog schedule for SOME SCREAMING FANGIRL that isn't hectic and unpredictable (at least for now):

MONDAY: Writing, Publishing, and the Teenager. Once, I had thought of doing this as a separate blog. But it's not like I have THAT much to write about. Still, as a writer and teenager, I want to share some of my knowledge, because even a year later, I'm still hungry for information on writing. It's one of those things that authors, new and old, will hunger forever.

WEDNESDAY: Entertainment-related things. As in, my chance to fangirl over movies, music, books, you name it. My plan is to recommend a favorite of mine every Wednesday. Of course, for writers, if you have a book you want reviewed, I shall gladly do so, and for anyone, I'll take recommendations. Maybe your favorite band or flick will be one of mine, too! You know...if Netflix or Youtube has it... *wink* P.S. Did not make the collage, just found it online, and I happen to know a majority of the bands, so....

FRIDAY: This shall be RANDOM day. Something I might have noticed over the week, rants I need to get off my chest. Discussions. The options are endless!

That said, expect a WPT post in the next hour or so!


  1. Nice, sounds like a good schedule!

  2. @Cholisose, really? Thanks!! I feel special now. And thanks for subscribing as well.