Wednesday, July 28, 2010

REC OF THE WEEK...Director David Slade

Quick Update: So, apparently Myspace and Sodahead hate me now that our ethernet is dead. I'm thinking Blogger and Youtube have been talking with them behind my back, because they seem mad at me now. Is it really too much to ask of them to load a page within one minute? least Yahoo! and Twitter will always be on my side...

Okay, it is rather late, but it's time for my first ever "REC OF THE WEEK", people. And that rec (short version of RECOMMENDATION) is director David Slade.

This is totally the work of someone else, I promise...though it is rather funny...

So...have you seen any of the these three movies?

1. 30 Days of Night, a horror movie about an Alaska town that is pretty much overrun by evil, horror movie vampires in winter when there's no sunlight for a month.

2. Hard Candy, an intense film with Ms. Ellen Page playing a young girl seduced by a sexual predator.

3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, well...hopefully you know what this is, even if you've yet to see any of the movies. See my old blog post on the Eclipse movie if not.

Anyways, should you have seen any of these movies, then, wah-lah, you've seen a movie of David Slade's already.

While my favorite director is actually Tim Burton (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS! CORPSE BRIDE! NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! ALICE IN WONDERLAND! SWEENEY TODD! JOHNNY DEPP! Wait...the last one isn't a movie...) David is definitely my second. Mostly because he didn't start out as a MOVIE, he directed music videos, and very wicked ones at that.

No idea how that got there...silly Blogger...

Here are a few of my favorites...

If you watch his videos, you'll notice a pattern...I mean, besides the creepy, but cute, characters in the last two and various others. Well, otherwise, a lot of his videos have a morbid edge to them, as well as this colorful, but intense, use of red-against-blue coloring. It looks amazing.

His use of colors in music videos, and the intensity in his films, make me glad he still has films coming out. So, hopefully you'll check him out; check him out on IMDB or Wikipedia for some more info.

Muse, in "Hyper Music". Isn't the red and blue pattern beautiful?

Other music videos by the Slade...(list brought to you by Wikipedia and Youtube...)

* Aphex Twin's "Donkey Rhubarb"
* LFO's "Tied Up"
* Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death"
* CJ Bolland's "Sugar Is Sweeter"
* Muse's "Hyper Music, Feeling Good"
* Muse's "New Born"
* Stereophonics's "Mr. Writer"
* System of a Down's "Aerials"
* The Killers' "Goodnight, Travel Well"

Hope you enjoy all his videos, movies, and such, and all the creepy bears and pedophile natures to some, though they are all still friggin' to you on Friday!

Side note...since Blogger is still not letting my comment on ANY blog posts people on Monday's post, thanks! And the clone puppies produced the biggest "awww!" out of me as well. Also, Sandy Wills decided to post her own take on songwriting and character's voice, which you can read here. It's awesome, don't worry.

Thanks for reading and subscribing everyone!

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