Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Since Blogger Isn't Perfect...

Some Screaming Fangirl: WHAT TEENAGERS DON'T WANT FROM YOUR BOOKS...Writing, Publishing, and the Teenager Pt. 2

Since I began the draft of this post on Friday, apparently it counted as Friday's post, so...here's the link to Part Two of my opinion on what teenages desire and do not desire from your YA books, in case no one saw it.

Thanks for reading and subscribing everyone! ;)


  1. I think I ran into this once. What I did was I just cut all the text of the post, deleted the post, and then created a new post that I pasted all the text into.
    I do kind of like how Blogger saves the time for when you start a post... It means I can start one and finish it after midnight and post it, and have it still count for the previous day. =P

  2. @Cholisose...that actually makes total sense. Thanks!