Sunday, April 1, 2012

A for APOLOGY (Also Known as...Return of the Fangirl!)

As you may or may not have noticed, SSF has experienced yet another hiatus. Call it puberty (well, since this is blog is only about two years old…toddlerhood?)

For all the people who have been following me or started following me in the past recent months, despite my depressing lack of blog posts, first off I want to thank you. My junior year of high school went from calm to ridiculously chaotic before I could even think about it. Not that we’re in final quarter though, and with my journalism class slowly learning how to survive on their own, SSF is back female dogs.

And just in time too – I’ve recently found out about this amazing A-Z Challenge (check it out a’here: ) for bloggers, where everyday you write a post based around a letter in the alphabet. Which works out for me, because I can participate in this exciting blog-bonfire AND *drumroll* introduce the new features for the SSF blog.

As you’ve all known, I’ve always been an entertainment blogger specializing in writing about YA from a teenager’s perspective. And though I sure as hell am going to keep doing that, SSF is about to expand into a lot more pop culture, especially music, themed blog posts. More monthly features, instead of random posts, and hopefully more consistency.

So, to make up to the peeps who’ve been here for me throughout the chaos, I got a surprise for you! And…well, did you expect anything but the classic LOLcatz apology? (And for anyone new to SSF…that’s how I do apologies around here after being MIA from the blogosphere: by finding the best cat pictures out there! Enjoy.)

Thank you all for not un-following this thing. If for reasons beyond me I never got to following you or one of your new blogs (which happens - I’m actually dedicating a day this week to reviving my Twitter) holy skittles, TELL ME! I will not only follow you, but I will comment on one of your blogs with praise and glitter and smiley faces! I’m even hoping to do a promotion campaign of my fellow bloggers in a little while, so watch out for all that to occur.

Hope you guys have been having an awesome week. Oh, and since it’s been so long, did you enjoy the Hunger Games? : )


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