Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Insider/Trade Secrets of High School Library Club (again)

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Well, my high school’s Library Club met again today. Bad news: last meeting of the year. *tears* Good news: Holy skittles, I’m going to be president next year. (Okay, it’s technically just for paperwork and board members don’t do anything BUT I’m still proud and stuff.

Anyhow, as before in my first Library Club post, I learned a few interesting things. Yep. Time for yet another list.

1. We are judging books by covers…and titles. After one of the guys in the club mentioned the name of a series we should buy, something with “dragon” in the title, I freaked out like a fangirl and said it sounded awesome. Which led to a small discussion between us two and the library assistant on judging a book by its you-know-what.

The assistant did bring up a not-so-happy point. The library’s had two or more copies of the same book. Yet, it’s the prettier-looking, newer editions that get checked out. A title usually affects decisions too. Not just stand-out titles either; sometimes a word can mean more sales. Hence the use of “vampire” in a lot of book titles circa 2007-now.

2. Superheroes are still big among teenagers. They stocked the DC and Marvel encyclopedia in our library, and it’s been getting checked out like crazy. Mostly because it’s just pictures, but still… Maybe the release of the Avengers is helping?

3. Anime is probably a lucrative business. More and more anime/Manga girls have been attending the club, asking if it’s possible to add some of their favorites to the library. Why don’t us YA’ers pay more attention to that?

4. Don’t even try to check-out the Hunger Games right now. With the movie doing so well, getting a copy is near impossible. It’s best to buy it yourself. Or just go see the movie again....

5. Readers and re-readers, the two main categories of YA readers. One devours every book in the world at least once, while the other devours as much as possible but keeps to the favorites. As a hardcore re-reader, I might have a post on this one day.

6. Successful people read
. In journalism this year, I wrote most of our “Seniors of the Month” articles, where we spotlighted a girl and boy student each month. They’re usually in tons of clubs, all honor classes, going to good schools. And about 2-3 them have been regulars at our rather small meetings. Coincidence?

Eh. That’s all for now folks. But return tomorrow when I go back to last week’s “Dynapop” post to give you guys some songs to check out!



  1. Interesting points. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anytime! Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry I took so long to reply.