Monday, April 30, 2012

Queen Extravaganza

Quick Update: Really catching up now. Hey, so remember "Q?"

Song Stuck In My Head: “Black Shoes” by the Films. It’s Sims 2, but is amazing.

So about a week ago, I was out of mind with frustration and insomnia (okay, still am, but not the point) and declared no “Q” post because there was absolutely nothing I can think of that started with Q but was cool.
Well, A-Z blogging is almost up, so I surrender. And thankfully, last week's results show of American Idol introduced to me the QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA.

Who are they? Apparently the two remaining members of the original Queen had searched for the ultimate Queen cover band, one that captured the essence and spirit and most of all talent of the band, and most of all, a band to tour with. Queen Extravaganza's winners seems to fit the description a little too perfectly. They put together a group of performers that somehow, together, do Queen justice in so many ways. Let me tell you why this is probably the first cover band that is worth the money.

The Singer: A broad, strong-looking man who goes from the piano to his feet, Marc Martel (who got to perform his audion on Ellen) has the dramatic voice of Freddy Mercury. He also has the gift of vulnerability and charisma. But his voice! It sounds so realistic; we could have Mercury's ghost here.

The Guitarist: A long-haired, young thing, their guitarist Tristan Avakian started out unimpressive and forgettable. Then he started playing his own little solos, playing guitar behind his back, and making snide/snarky faces. Oh yeah. We got a rebel here. The other guitarist, Brian Gresh, isn't too bad either.

The Bassist: Francois-Olivier Doyon, who did a backflip. While playing. All I need to say.

The Drummer: Okay, I don't remember their drummer, Tyler Warren, but only because around the end of the performance, Queen's own guitarist and drummer burst on stage and joined them. Cool, right?

While the performance might not have been picture-perfect (there was a lot of flashy lights. And back-up singers) seeing the Queen Extravaganza tribute band perform was a very fresh moment on the results show, where we get to see an actual band release its inner queen, inner monster, was what made it all worth it. This is truly a band to check out, despite them being a cover band.

Don't believe me? Listen for yourself. Then go to the Queen Extravaganza's website here and learn more about them, about the contest, and even their tour dates! Woot!



  1. Marc Martel and I were friends in college. I only went to the same school as him for one year and we've since lost touch. Even then, I knew he was pretty darn talented. :)

    1. That's insane! I was never expecting a comment like that! Hey, maybe you should take advantage of knowing him while you can, haha! Who knows how far this Queen tribute band will go?

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  3. Perfect fit for your "Q" post! They're amazing, aren't they? By the way, the one doing the backflip is guitarist extraordinaire Brian Gresh, there are two guitarists in the band! Groovy, rock solid bassist Francois-Olivier Doyon can be seen beside the piano in the same picture. :)