Tuesday, April 17, 2012

L.A Complex…Least Publicized Show on CW

Quick Update: “L” for L.A Complex. Trying to keep up. According to the A-Z blogging challenge, this post was supposed to occur…er, last Friday.

Song Stuck In My Head: “Guggenheim” by the Ting Tings. Still can’t peel my ears away from Sounds From Nowheresville for the time being.

Despite it being one of my all-time favorite TV networks, the CW does have its share of “eh” programming. Or just decently okay shows that never gain an audience and stay past season one. Right now, “The Secret Circle” (hoping to cap on the popularity of another L.J Smith adapation, “The Vampire Diaries”) is struggling, "Remodeled" was already canceled/postponed, and new shows like “Ringer” and “Hart of Dixie” have cult audiences at best.

Next week, to fill a timeslot that will open up with the finale of One Tree Hill, the CW will be debuting a Canadian TV show: the “L.A. Complex”. Here is the trailer.

If the trailer didn’t make it obvious, this show has the vibe of a few shows, even movies. Think Fame mixed with “90210”, with a touch of “Glee”/“Smash” here and a pinch of “Gossip Girl” there.

Its premise: a few entertainers desperate to make it, holed up together in a L.A apartment building until their big break. Three actors, including one male who’s about to star in a TV series, and two girls, one who is a veteran and the other naïve and from the middle of nowhere. Two “hip hop artists”, who have their own share of secrets and, according to the trailer, copyright issues. There’s a comedian. There’s even a dancer.

Right now, with only a few episodes up from the show’s original owners, CTV and MuchMusic, the US’s CW network hopes to give the show an audience with its weird, reality-show-esque drama and big dreams plotline. Right now, it could go either way. The show seems unique enough, if bordering on ridiculous. For instance, the actress who vomits during an audition and then tries to convince one of her fellow L.A complex-ers to make a sex tape with her, purely for fame reasons.

On the other hand, the publicity for this show has been depressingly low. Not even that many commercials have aired yet on the CW, which tends to overpublize its shows two seasons ahead of their premieres. There’s not a host of beloved actors to hold up the show either, with a few slightly-known’s like Degrassi alum Cassie Steele. Not that it matters, if the show makes it. There’s nothing CW can’t do best than a cult favorite. (There’s also rumors that Alan Thicke has a guest star role, which makes sense, because the show is originally Canadian, right?)

What do you think of the show? Will the trailer be enough for you to try it out, or are you going to be too busy fretting over The Voice results (which I’ve stopped watching since Cee Lo got rid of Tony Vincent, but hey, let’s save that for another day) to watch anything else? Are you fan of Fame, 90210, Gossip Girl, Smash, etc.?


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