Thursday, April 12, 2012

JAMS! (For Dyna-Pop Songs)

Quick Update: J for Jams! And before you ask, yes, another day-late post...I'm working on it!

Song Stuck In My Head: "Potential Break-Up Song" by Aly & AJ. One of my FB friends was listening to happens...

Dynamic Pop/Rock. Last week we glossed over a basic definition of this new type of glamour/prog rock in SSF's new music genre series. It's the dance-heavy, even techno-heavy, Indie Pop music that combines rock influences with the dance floor. Now let’s get some worthy examples out there.

30 Seconds to Mars’ “Closer to the Edge”. While the band always had dramatic vocals over an authentic rock sound, this song took that concept and ran with it. It’s arena rock, sure, yet it manages to ring of techno and synth.

My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”. As a song that didn’t take off for a while, it sure left an impact on pop radio. The haunting electronic noises of bass and synthesizer leads right into a soft rock yet intense chant to “sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls… sing it for the world.”

Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” ft. Kimbra. Ah, had to have a love song in there somewhere, didn’t we? This song is actually all over the place right now, so it couldn’t be more topical. Its blotchy orchestration and pained vocals (a duet, of course) give it a prickly taste. A sweetened sadness turned inside out on itself.

(BTW, did anybody see the ah-mazing cover of this song on Glee? Or my favorite American Idol contestant Phillip Phillips and other contender Elise last night? Wowser. Good thing Fox really like this song....)

Panic! At the Disco's "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)". It's a quick, lofty and actually really happy tune that's already made it onto commercials. But you'll be singing along to Brendan Urie by the end of the song. Trust me.

Foster the People’s “Don’t Stop”. The trio’s most successful follow-up to “Pumped Up Kicks” so far is even more happy-go-lucky. In post-B52’s style, there’s whistling, baby noises, and a beat perfect for any rave or dull Saturday night. Yet, the song still jumps back and forth between “pop” and “rock”.

White Rabbits' "Temporary". Usually this band turns out some pretty memorable indie/alt rock. But this dance-heavy song isn't too shabby either (and has an awesome bass line, if I do say).

Owl City's "Fireflies". Definitely the Dyna-Pop song to raise the curve. Owl City's cult-like popularity came a lot from the success of this computerized, lullaby-like anthem. While hisn't exactly dramatic, its electropop vibe did bring a lot to the table that...well, wasn't already there.

Coldplay's "Every Tear a Waterfall" and "Paradise". Both of everyone's favorite mellow band has been very "dynamic" as of late. The synth in each song, the techno edges, and bouncy rhythym keep Coldplay both fresh and relevant.

Fun.'s "We Are Young". While this hit might not be heavy rock or totally techno, it still has a light and airy feel to it. And as said before, it has been compared to an anthem many times.

Deftone's "Change (In the House of Flies)" could be considered one of the very first Dynamic Pop/Rock songs. Though Deftones happens to be a heavier, almost metal band, their detached, hauntingly airy hit song clearly had some influences on the songs we hear today.

Filter's "Take a Picture". Another one of the originals. This late 90's light rock hit has the a lot of similarities to modern Dyna-Pop songs. A milky voice that rises up and down; a pretty guitar beat; and a mellow yet anthem-esque energy. And the music video is beautiful.

Linkin Park's "Waiting for the End". Some might argue that Linkin Park have gotten soft or even *gasp* mainstream. But Linkin Park are doing what they do best: taking a generic concept and making it unique and their own. There had already been rap/rock, but "In The End" redefined it for pop radio. Angry-at-Mom-and-Dad rock songs peaked with "Numb". Even soundtrack songs became cool again, with their Transformers tunes. "Waiting for the End"'s charm comes from Linkin Park's own, emotionally charged approach to this brand of techno-rock music.

That's all for today. You have any of your own suggestions to add to the list?


  1. I guess I like this genre pretty well since I like some of those songs you mention here.

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    1. It is a pretty popular genre right now! Hey, thanks for visiting my blog BTW!