Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ups and Downs of: Obama On Jimmy Fallon

Quick Update: Lovin’ my GSA Club right now, as we completed some badass sock puppets. Not lovin’ journalism. My co-editor is our only senior, and with graduation only five weeks away has completely checked out. Which is bad, because there’s a couple kids who model after him. Gah.

Song Stuck In My Head: “Where’d You Go?” by Fort Minor. Really pretty song, and I almost forgot about it.

So, this Tuesday night, the President of the friggin’ United States took the time to appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Not that this is way out of the ordinary - Mitt Romney, even Ron Paul, have made appearances on Jay Leno and co., and first lady Michelle Obama had recently visited Jimmy Fallon and got in a sack race with him.

Of course, President Obama appearing after that huge Secret Service oops and in the midst of the Republican debates, where Romney is already preparing his hate ads, is a pretty big deal.

The interesting thing about this is that politics is going more pop culture. Appealing to the “young people” who don’t vote by invading their territory. Smart move? Not-so-smart? Let’s do this pros and cons style…the UPS AND DOWNS OF OBAMA ON JIMMY FALLON!

Up…Obama kept his cool, talking smoothly as always, making subtle jokes, talking about everything to his college experiences to how he feels about Romney, and calmly explaining himself - doing exactly what a Republican candidate wouldn’t do. (Fun fact: my history class JUST discussed how image and charisma affect a president’s likeability. Like with John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon).

Down…Fallon basically fangirls his way through the five-part interview, frantic and excited that the President is in his interview chair. But hey, Jimmy’s like that with a lot of his major guests, that’s why I love them.

Up…Mr. President took time to explain a couple of the bills going through congress right now, what they were all about, what exactly they were trying to pass, their deadline, etc. Mostly he discussed student loans, and how if they didn’t act now tuitions would increase in fall. Again. Speaking as a future college-goer…ouch.

Down…this will probably be the only time anyone knows what the heck is going on behind congress’s doors, because no one watches or understands that 24/7 coverage of their meetings. Why can’t we have someone rationally and informally explain politics to us every week? Wouldn’t that make us more informed citizens

Up…in very Jimmy-esque fashion (or Brian Williams fashion, because he does this whenever he’s on the show), Jimmy & the Roots house band sing a slow jam while Obama talks about the student loan bill. Mostly it’s Jimmy saying “Ah yeah”, but it counts.

Down…pleeeease don’t tell me this means Mitt Romney will start (trying to) sing again too. It’s politics. Not Presidential Idol.

Up…as one of the fan’s questions sent in by a tweet, a Tweeter named “Bobo” to be exact, Jimmy Fallon asks Obama if he’s going to legalize pot or what.

Down…Bobo? Really? Because we were clearly going to take that seriously.

Up…a lot of the comments, on Youtube at least, are of citizens who talk about how much they respect (or re-respect) our president, how his ideas are still good, how this proves he can withstand the upcoming campaign. Even citizens who aren’t his biggest fan took advantage of the comments section to intelligently tell Americans to not give up on Ron Paul just yet, that this can still be a great presidential race.

Down…those beautifully written comments usually get drowned out by the less intelligent ones. Very unintelligent ones.

Okay. All for today. Got some blogs to catch up on, so…


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