Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fresh, Shiny Newness on How I Met Your Mother

Quick Update: Here's my last update of the day...Won my first journalism scholarship, guys! $1000 for college and I get to go to Washington D.C.! Oh, and “N” for “Newness”.

Song Stuck In My Head: Some people were singing "Live Your Life" by T.I and Rihanna. Not the whole song. Just the beginning. Still ringing in le ears.

At last, watching How I Met Your Mother is no longer like watching a turtle struggle on its back: discomforting, awkward, yet fascinating in its own way.

Until about a week ago, HIMYM’s pace had been…slow, at best. A never-ending love triangle between Ted, Robin, and Barney. Sleeper pregnancy sub-plots for Marshall and Lily. No clue where anything was going, even though the beginning of the season - a flash-forward of Ted at the wedding where he’ll meet the Mrs. - had been so promising.

When Ted declares his love for Robin, the girl/friend he dated in season two, and rebounded with once or twice as roommates, viewers groaned. When Barney was sort of forced into Lover’s Lane with stripper/yes-we-know-this-is-his-future-wife Quinn, viewers groaned. Marshall and Lily spending months on the simple plotline of “Moving”.

It was small details, as well as the show’s history and cult fans, that have kept the show going. The Ducky Tie. Ted heartbreakingly giving Marshall and Lilly the apartment back. Kal Penn’s short-lived, but awesome, arc as Robin’s boyfriend/ex-therapist, which gave him permission to point out the group’s flaws. Even Quinn hasn’t been that easy to hate.

And at last, over a week ago, HIMYM did something we never thought it could do: it gave itself a deadline. The show looked exactly three years into the future, 2015, where viewers cheered to see that Ted already had a baby girl (which works out, because his daughter is the oldest). And if we learned anything in elementary school, it was that first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

It’s math, really. Ted’s little bundle of joy looked at least a month or so old. Now add to the nine months of child-bearing to that. That’s about a year of Ted already with the mother by 2015, meaning Ted and the future Mrs. Mosby will definitely have met and be together by early 2014, or HIMYM’s hypothetical season 9. And knowing Ted, the chances of them having a shotgun-wedding-esque marriage (though wouldn’t that be hilarious, after all the waiting viewers have done?) are naught. So my guess is that season 9 will be the culmination of Ted’s relationship. Maybe even the wedding. And with season 7 coming to a close in about a month, that means….

Next season is THE season. In Season Eight, which will run 2012-2013, we will meet the mother, thus giving her and Ted time to become a happy couple. After all, we don’t want another Ted and Stella - only one or two episodes to get us to like Stella, then “Hey, Let‘s Get Married”. The last thing HIMYM should do is force Mrs. Mosby down our throats screaming “LOVE HER!!!”.

Even if we know who she is, and how long we’ve waited for her, the only way HIMYM’s audience will accept the Mother is if we get time to get to know her first, to take it slow. To have a beautiful first episode with her where WE get to fall in love with her before Ted does. Think the sweetness of Victoria in season one. She only had a few episodes, but she’s probably been the only Ted’s Girl to garner more fans than haters.

And even with the deadline giving it new life, HIMYM is doing well in its other departments considering Monday’s episode. Lilly and Marshall have a unique plotline involving Lilly’s sex dream about…er, Ranjit. Robin’s storyline of at last becoming a famous journalist, which has been hinted at so many times we can’t count, finally sets in motion. (Which is more than welcome, because Robin needs any non-romance storyline the writers can give her).

Even Barney is Barney again, and becoming less and less cheesy about his relationship with Quinn. (Now he mostly focuses on the fact she’s a stripper, something Barney would do.)

Hopefully when season seven concludes, it’ll be with a reassurance of bigger, better things. After all, we have Barney’s proposal to look forward to, and the birth of Lilly and Marshall’s first son!

Are any of you fans of HIMYM? If so, what do you think of the season so far? And what are you most looking forward to?


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