Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Discuss Sock Puppets

Quick Update: “S” for Sock Puppets. Duh.

Song Stuck In My Head:  "U Got It Bad", American Idol contestant Phillip Phillip's cover of an...Usher song? That's right.

So, my school’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club is currently working on an amazing anti-bullying program designed for elementary school kids. And guess what: it’s going to be a puppet show! Woot! We bought the socks, some of the supplies, and made the characters. Now we just need to make those puppets.
And what have I realized? I’ve never made or played with a sock puppet before. Cruel, right? So I can do "research" and blog, why not have a fun anti-blog day again to make up for Saturday's "S" post? Release the sock puppet pictures!

Have a good week everybody! Maybe see you later...or tomorrow... :)


  1. Sifl and Olly are a bit before your time, but the greatest sock puppets of all time.

    It was a show that used to play on MTV late night for like three seasons. It was my favorite show when I was sixteen.

    1. Just watched it! It's amazing. It does suck that I had to be part of the generation where MTV means reality shows of people getting drunk and pregnant teenagers, not music videos and comedy shows. I might have to show this to a ninja-fan in my journalism class tomorrow. :) Thanks for reading and the video!

  2. I made some sock puppets a year or so ago with my girls. It was fun!